If Not Now, When?

Asking you to start something today is not to scare you, it’s a call to action that you can step into at your own pace. Think of something you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t (yet). Do you want it enough to take some action – even a teeny weeny one? If your answer is “yes”, what is one thing that you do right now that doesn’t freak you out – in other words is absolutely doable (given everything you have going on right now.

I once read about a woman who wanted to get in shape, bought a treadmill, and refused to use it. When her trainer tried to find an amount of time this woman was willing to commit to walking on the treadmill, one minute was too much. Can you believe it?

That said, the woman did agree to stand on the treadmill while she drank her morning coffee and read the newspaper. Even that “no exercise” began to retrain her brain to use her treadmill, which does now almost every day.

So, find a reason for why now and what step you can take that is so easy you will do it.

Have a great day,


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