Unfair or Your Greatest Gift?

I met with someone today whom I really admire because of who she is as a human being. Let me set the stage a bit to give you a sense of her last year or so. Here what unfolded: a close relative passed away; her husband became quite seriously ill; she became responsible for two quite elderly relatives, and she lost her job. Most people would have been crushed by the weight of this. While she was stretched to her limit, she did not break.

So let me bring you up to the present: her husband is getting better, her two elderly relatives are stable, and she is in the midst of a really wonderful consulting opportunity. All of these things are good, but the best is how she attributes her success and growth as a leader to all of the challenges that piled on her – one after the other.

What seemed like lots of unfair circumstances has turned how to be her greatest gift. A hard thing to perceive and, if you can, contains so much value.



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