Where is Your Comeback?

When we experience a setback, it’s very easy to think that it will last forever, especially if it’s been going on for a long time (from our point of view). Clearly, if we sit and wait and hope that things will change, they likely won’t  – which can leave us feeling frustrated, disappointed, and often immobilized.

I was certainly there for a few years after being crushed by an elevator. The path out for me was two-fold: first, I took tiny actions that were relevant, accessible, and progressive and second, I kept track of every bit of advancement (no matter how small) and I found ways to appreciate my progress. I counted everything.

Those things helped me turn the corner. So today, whenever I feel stuck – I make babystepping and gratitude my go to combo – with consistently good results.



One Reply to “Where is Your Comeback?”

  1. It’s so important to realise the setback isn’t forever… But when you’re in the thick of it it’s hard to tell ourselves so. Great post to remind us all that things can change and turn around for the better 🙂

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