Accelerate Your Advancement

I was chatting with my friend, Kevin, earlier in the month. Although, he was super, super busy – he was not achieving his goals. He told me that if he worked any harder or faster, he was going to break. When I suggested that he slow down, pause, and take a day off, he looked at me like I was crazy. “Experiment with a 24 hour sabbatical,” I said. He did and while it was really uncomfortable for him, Kevin jumpstarted his energy, focus, and enthusiasm. Who knows what could happen if he takes off a whole week!

Enjoy your day,


Decide and Win

Often when I have a decision to make, I may delay taking a stand because I want to think through my options, implications, and potential repercussions. While this is a prudent way to approach the decision making process, speed is also an important factor.

To be successful, there needs to be a good balance of due diligence and quick action – while not allowing fear to slow you down.

Have a great day,

Don’t Give Up

I was talking to a acquaintance today who has been interviewing for jobs for several months. He was discouraged and so I shared the story of a friend who had nearly 400 interviews without an offer. My friend ended up waiting tables at a restaurant for two and a half months (to support his family) before landing a position in finance.

My acquaintance chuckled and told me that “if that guy didn’t give up, neither will I”.

Good story to remember when things aren’t moving ahead as quickly as you might like.

Have a good day,

When Tiny = Bold

I was with a group of friends yesterday and we had a lively debate on the value of tiny, incremental actions versus big, bold leaps. As many of you know, I am a fan of little steps. In fact, for me after being crushed by an elevator – that was the best I could do. However, I, like the individuals yesterday, yearned to do do something grand and significant.

Tiny and bold seemed in direct conflict with one another, but when I paused for a moment, I began to think differently. What if tiny = bold? It certainly is when you do something you have never successfully done before.

Food for thought.


Success Strengthener

I was working with a couple of colleague who I don’t see very often as they are based in London and Hong Kong. In the midst of multi-hour strategy meetings, we paused and began to chat about the students who were really succeeding in their careers and lives. There were two qualities that we saw over and over again:

  • Sense of Responsibility. They used their problem-solving skills to resolve challenges and focused on outcomes they had at least some control over.
  • Positive Acknowledgement. They devoted time to tracking their progress and recognized what they had achieved and what could be even a little better. This gave when a sense of accomplishment and how to focus on next steps. Even more important, they expressed concrete, sincere, and specific gratitude to each person who helped them – solidifying the relationship in the process.

Interesting lessons from the best of the best that I believe I can apply to my own life.

Enjoy your day,

Being Victorious

I was reading a daily encouragement this morning and it went something like this: if you want to change the world for the better, you must be victorious in your own life. This is very interesting orientation to doing good in the world.

Here’s what I took away:

  • When I pursue and realize my goals and dreams, I will be able to encourage (at least) someone else to do the same.
  • In order for me to be victorious, I need to grow into my goal, and in the process increase my courage, wisdom, and compassion. When I do, I have a greater ability to build bridges between and among others.
  • Finally, and certainly not least, I will undoubtedly need to find and express gratitude to others and myself – which accelerates all things good.

Have a great day,