The Sledgehammer of Negativity

It’s very “interesting” how when you set a big goal, obstacles that reflect your inner fears emerge in the most unlikely places.

Over the last few years, I have been conducting research and creating tools that help individuals drive their personal and professional advancement neurobiologically. The focus is how to concretely emphasize things that motivate your brain to support your success. Well, recently, I have leveraged this model to help others build career advocates – and how to reverse the things that derail that process.

That’s when I felt the “sledgehammer of negativity” wield its powerful impact on me. I was actually taken aback (silly me). My fear came out of my environment in the form individuals who typically care and support me – who shared just the opposite. It’s wasn’t pretty (actually it was painful) – and it wasn’t just one or two people.

After much angst and meditation, I found the gift. What I learned is that building (career) advocates is tough business. At all times, it is essential to think about the impact on the other person, never hold a grudge, and let focus, commitment, and humility be your foundation and guide.

Have a great day,


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