Beyond the Obstacles

Yesterday was a wonderful and (at times) frustrating day – with the wonderful outdistancing the frustrating by a lot (thank goodness).

The two obstacles of the day are actually quite comical with some perspective.

The first, was with my shoes. I was looking through some boxes in the closet and found a perfect pair of shoes to wear. I was a bit surprised that I hadn’t worn them recently. Well, by the time I got to the office it was quite obvious why. Although high end and not worn much at all – the sole had partially pulled away and flapped when I walked. The good news is that I keep shoes in the cabinet, so problem solved once I was at work.

Since the shoe issue continued, I debated whether or not to attend a study activity. I decided to go and got on the bus. That’s when obstacle two occurred: Lakeshore Drive was a parking lot. I couldn’t help but laugh and use the “extra” time to read. When I finally got to my stop, I ran into (flopping soles and all) into three people I was hoping to see.

The study meeting was great and lo and behold, the topic was using obstacles to your benefit. Needless to say (on my very small scale for the day), I had a few things to share.

Have a great day,


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