Beyond the Impasse

I was chatting with someone last week (let’s call him Ethan) who felt really stuck in his job search. While this is not uncommon, I wanted to better understand Ethan’s specific situation and how he was feeling about it.

As our conversation continued, we both realized that two things were creating his impasse:

  1. He was resentful of others’ progress and so felt little to be grateful for
  2. Ethan was waiting, really hoping, that others would change and be more open to helping him out

Realizing this helped Ethan (re) assume responsibility for his career and actions as well as reduce his stress.

So if you happen to be at an impasse, pause and ask yourself two questions:

  • For what can I feel and express gratitude?
  • What is one small action I can take where I have control over the outcome?

Much to ponder.

Have a good day,


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