Fight For Your Dreams

I was chatting with someone (let’s call her Ellie) yesterday whose dreams could have a global impact. When Ellie spoke to friends, colleagues, and associates, they told her that she was either thinking too big or that one person couldn’t achieve her goal. I am sad to said that she was almost derailed by the feedback.

Fortunately, her vision is greater than her discouragement. In fact, the negative feedback actually became a catalyst for her to fight for her dream.

You may have to fight for your own dream to win.



Don’t Complain. Act!

For a long time, when I didn’t get my way, I immediately began to complain. Okay, that makes me sound pretty lame, but that used to be my truth.

My life changed when a mentor of mine told me that when I complain, it’s like I am ripping gaping hole in my life. Out of that hole goes the good things that I have – opportunities, relationships, and support. “Instead,” he told me. “If you want to change something, stand up, take responsibility, and act.”

His words are a constant reminder. Even though I am not complaint free all of the time, I act more than I complain – and for me that’s a great start.

Enjoy your day,

Experiment for Greater Success

When I first started my career, my manager, John, would ask me a question and my response was to mount a massive defense. One day, he pulled me aside and let me know that a question is often just a question, not a challenge or interrogation.

More importantly, he gave me guidance that I will always remember. “Anita,” John said. “You put so much pressure on yourself to excel – which is great and not so great. Of course, keep pushing yourself. At the same time, set up low risk ‘experiments’ so you can continue to learn, grow, and develop while managing the risk.”

Sage advice then and now.

Have a great day,

Just One More

This morning when I was doing tricep dips, I noticed how I wanted to stop before I reached the amount of time I had designated for that exercise. It wasn’t that I was lazy, but that my triceps were exhausted.

What I learned this morning, is when I came to what I thought was all I could give, I did one more rep. Not only did I push a little farther (yay!), I actually felt more determined to test my triceps the next time (double yay!).

Pursuing any goal can be fun at the beginning and just plain old tiring hard work in the middle (to get to the end.) So experiment and do just one more – a step, a minute, or a rep. See how you grow and make yourself ready to achieve your goal.

Have a great day,

Success By Asking Why? Why? Why?

I have a friend (Let’s call him David) who used to tell anyone who would listen to him that he was the master of procrastination. Whatever he set out to do, David could find a way to delay taking action in it until the pressure was so great that some sort of action was the only choice. His approach clearly wasn’t viable for this man with big aspirations.

Well, I saw David last week and procrastination is no longer part of how he operates. When I asked him how he made such a big change, he told me that that he asks himself why he was doing whatever the task at hand. He would continue to ask himself why again and again until he would land on an answer that he could believe in and be motivated by.

One example is: David needed to complete his expense report – something he really hates to do. Why did he care- because he wanted to be reimbursed for his travel expenses. Why did he care –  because his employer wouldn’t release his mileage points until the expense reports were complete. Why did he care – because he wanted to use the mileage to go to Fiji. That he really cared about.

So if you are struggling to complete something, keep asking why you care until you find something you really want and that could give you the motivation to do what’ right in front of you.

Have a great day,

Don’t Let Them Tell You It Can’t Be Done

I was reading something this morning that reminded me that while I need to listen to sound guidance from trusted advisors, I shouldn’t let that deter me from my goals and dreams.

Average people will often let others know that something can’t be done. Yet, if people, like yourself, listened to the negative prognosticators – there will be no cell phone, airplanes, or even electricity.

So go for your big dreams and don’t let someone tell you that something is impossible. Only you know your capacity, talents, and drive.

Enjoy your day,

Step Up and Ask

There is something that I really want to do and have been working on it all summer. It’s fun for me and there are a lot of things that I don’t know and need help and advice from those more knowledgeable than me. Yet, I hesitated to ask. “Oh, the person is too busy.” “That friend might feel it would be an imposition.” My concerns went on and on.

When I paused and asked myself if I would want to help someone if the situations were reversed – I know that I do and absolutely would.

So I am asking – albeit slowing and with great appreciation.

Have a great day,