The Power of Courage

I very talented friend of mine (let’s call him George) faced an enormous challenge. There was an error in a contract from five years ago and the financial impact was deep, broad, and far-reaching. While he didn’t write the contract, a lawyer did, George should have caught the mistake.

Some individuals would let fear immobilize them and hope that the problem would just go away. Not George. While he didn’t schedule a meeting immediately, as he needed to fortify himself from what he knew would be a barrage of likely insulting feedback, he did schedule a time to share this “news” with his manager.

He led with courage, stated the facts, and did lots of listening.

In the end, the meeting went as well as could be expected. What was a win for George was an expanded level of strength, confidence, and courage. This is great for whatever comes next – in his current role or a future one.

Way to go George!

Enjoy your day,


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