Don’t Accelerate Derailment

I was chatting with a friend (let’s’ call him Todd), two weeks ago, whose company was purchased by a private equity firm and many things have changed – and from his point of view, not for the better.

Todd became particularly good at noticing every time he was treated poorly and he would turn around and treat his new managers the same way. Not a surprise, the climate in his division was hostile, depreciating, and unreceptive. Then Todd made a determination to NOT treat his managers the way he was being treated. He actively chose to act with respect, appreciation, and humility.

Things changed dramatically – and so much for the better. The culture (at least on Todd’s team) is supportive, positive, and collaborative.

Even if you can’t change everything, you can choose not to derail, belittle, and denigrate. Then the possibilities open up.

Have a good day,


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