Embracing Change Appreciatively

I have a hate love relationship with change. Intellectually, I understand the benefits of change, but once change in the offing, I am not thrilled by the idea. The really interesting part to me is once the change is implemented – the vast majority of the time, I fully embrace it and wonder why I was resistant in the first place. Then with the next change, my inner cycle starts again.

I began to wonder why I felt this way and how could I disrupt my process. I realized a few things that might be helpful to you as well:

  • Most people don’t like the idea of change that they haven’t initiated
  • Taking a step back and looking and at the potential benefits (while not ignoring the possible downside) can refocus one’s attention and create motivating excitement
  • Exploring ways to implement the change incrementally – or at the very least plan it through – can decrease the stress of the change

For me, it’s a process of experimenting and having tangible proof works best for me. What works for you?

Have a great day,


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