Winning in the End

I had been working on a program for new MBAs with little work experience on how to build enduring relationships. It’s based on research I’ve been doing for years – really since I was crushed by an out of control elevator.

That said, because I feel so strongly about the subject matter I want to get it right, make it useful for the students, and have fun in the process. Last week (especially on Friday before I delivered the program that evening), I was more than a bit nervous and feeling (shall we say) insecure. I really battled the negativity within myself to not let doubt get the better of me.

I am happy to report two things: first the Friday evening and Sunday morning programs (with two different groups of students) went well and I learned some things to make it even better the next time.

Thank you to those who encouraged me, provided guidance, and helped me grow! I am very grateful to have  you in my life.

Have a great day,


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