Stretch for Greater Success

I was working with someone a few months ago (Let’s call him Jonah) who told me he had stalled out and he didn’t know why. The more we chatted, it seems like he was leveraging the skills, strengths and experience from his past – and this was clearly no longer enough. Yet he was hesitant to take the time to stretch himself and was hoping someone would recognize his value just as he was.

Ultimately, Jonah realized that both his leadership approach and data analytic skills could use a refresh and that’s what he did. In the end, it wasn’t the specific new knowledge he gained or skills he developed that made the difference – it was who he became in the process of expanding both. In his new job, he is better prepared for the rapid changes going on in his industry.

So what’s the stretch for you to get to your next level?

Have a great day,


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