Fall Faster

Do you ever worry so much that you are going to falter that you play it safe which turns out to not be in your best interest?

I have been reading a lot about design thinking where the belief is to fail as fast as you can, so you can fix whatever doesn’t work now rather than later when the stakes are high.

So think of something you are working on where you are a bit timid and tentative. Be bold in a low risk environment. Keep what works. Modify what doesn’t. Then get going again.

Much success,



Want to Be Happy?

Want to Be Happy?

Be grateful. Gratefulness makes you happy.

Let me be clear. It’s not so much the circumstances we find ourselves in (although good ones are wonderful and cool), it’s our ability to find the opportunity. In the process of finding it, we grow and increase our capacity to be able to feel appreciative. This is the big prize. The more we find the opportunity, the more we will achieve our goals and dreams and be absolutely happy.



Uncurious as a Success Derailer

I know that “uncurious” is an odd word. I didn’t even know that it was a real word until recently.

That said, it is really a mega derailer. Think about it this way, a lack of curiosity is actually arrogance. Clearly if you know it all, there is little you can learn from others – which could result in your missing something important and losing a both opportunities and allies.

So I suggest finding a low risk area where you could experiment with curiosity. You might even have fun in the process!



Let Others Help You Succeed

I was chatting with a friend in Europe who has a venture capital firm that works with mission-focused startups to help them grow. Recently, he came to the conclusion that he was working all of the time and needed help. So he asked for assistance and now has a whole fleet of people (of all ages) who can deliver projects and programs. The individuals gain experience and money and my friend has talented people to expand his companies and positive impact.

Let others help you succeed, too.


Gratitude for the Growth

It’s easy to say “thank you” for gifts, praise, and support.

It’s quite different to appreciate people and situations that make you feel annoyed, undervalued, and even undermined. Yet, it is within those challenging individuals and circumstances that you can gain the most – with increased capacity, courage, and confidence as your reward.

Something to think about.


The Boulder is Made of Paper Mache

Have you ever watched  really old sci fi movies where there are boulders all around that look immovable and the hero strains and can’t even make them budge? Yet if you look closely, it’s apparent that these giant rocks are actually paper props that I small child could lift and carry away.

I believe that challenges or obstacles can be the same way. At first glance, they feel really scary (been there) and if we look beyond the surface, there is often something you learn that, after the fact, you realize you couldn’t really do without (been there too.)

Have a great day,