The Success Block You Can’t Afford

If you aren’t achieving your goals, what could be the problem? While the source of your stalling out could be a variety of things, the one I see most prevalent today is resentment.

Now this doesn’t have to be gigantic grudges. Actually those are the easy to identify and correct since they are so obvious to you and those around you. The resentment that does the most damage to you, you life, and even your finances are the small, subtle forms that creep in as tiny negative comments about another person (or even many people) – especially behind the person’s back.

Instead of letting this nasty talk prevail, make yourself find at least one thing you value about the person and change complaint into appreciation. As corny as this may sound, I can almost guarantee that you will feel better and prospects in your career and life will grow.

Experiment and see for yourself.



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