Just Start

I was agonizing (okay, maybe a bit of an overstatement) about a project I want to complete. I think and think and think some more about what needs to get done, what help I need, and how scary it all appears. Now this may make me seem like a spineless jellyfish, but those of you who know me understand that this is not true – yet it feels this way.

Do what do I do to break this deadlock? Really two things. First, I meditate to focus and bring forth wisdom from within (we all have at least a little.) Second, I use these insights to take action. Not massively large steps. Any size step will do. It’s just a matter of starting. Once I do, then I can keep what works and tweak what doesn’t.

As an update, while I haven’t found a coder yet, I did create an account to post the project for some very capable undergrads in computer science. One staring step followed by another.

Just start. Now is a good time.

Have a great day,


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