The Gracious Success Connection

I was working with someone recently who was asking for my advice about a significant career transition. We spoke about a variety of things and after each idea, he responded with a tone of voice that made me feel like he thought it was a waste of his time. As this happened one after another after another item on our agenda, I was getting a bit fatigued – yet was committed to him and continued on.

Toward the end of our meeting, this individual told me he was so happy with the time we spent together and was recharged, motivated, and knew what steps to take. I must admit that I was really (pleasantly) surprised.

There are two lessons here: first, we shouldn’t take any one reaction as a critique of how everything is going and second (if you are the sender of feedback), check in to be sure that you are inserting a bit of gracious appreciation along the way.

Have a great day,


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