High Value Success

I have a friend, Jordan, used to be disappointed with just about everything and everyone.

Over a coffee, he shared, with me, that the source of his upset was within himself.

To his credit, my friend’s self-awareness led to his taking responsibility for how he reacted to the people and circumstances in his life. Not only is Jordan happier today, he is more successful, too – in ways meaningful to him.

Have a great day,


A Great Predictor of Success

I was chatting with an amazing individual today who had done extensive research on happiness.

In fact, he interviewed about 250 or so individuals (between the age of 60 and 106).

His conclusion is that while success doesn’t lead to happiness (and can lead to unhappiness if things get out of balance) AND happiness is a great predictor of success.


Value What You Have to Succeed

In order to succeed, it is essential that you feel and express gratitude for what you have. Whatever you focus on will grow and seeing the good stuff and saying “thank you” is one of the fastest ways to expand both you success and happiness.

Have a great day,

Open New Channels

Some people (including myself at times) continue to pursue a path that isn’t really yielding the desired results. Why this may seem illogical, it can seem like an “easy” as the path of least resistance.

So if you feel like you’re not making the progress that you want, take a babystep out of your comfort zone and so something different. Consider this a series of of tiny experiments. Start with a goal that is low risk and enjoy the ride.

Much success,

Become a Leader of Leaders

Leadership can mean many things. We can lead our own lives, projects, and teams. Yet many individuals aspire to more. So how does an individual become a leader of leaders? From my discussions with senior leaders in a variety of companies, here are three areas to start:

  • Check your ego at the door. Realize that up and coming individuals could surpass your own level of accomplishment – and this is both a testament to your and the other person.
  • Go all in. Share what you know generously and often. This will help you strengthen your own skills and talents while helping others do the same.
  • Set boundaries. While it’s wonderful to be a mentor, choose who you help, how, and how much.

Have a great day,

Honor Your Shortcomings

I know that many people believe that all of our focus should be on expanding our strengths. The exception may be to make sure that our weaknesses don’t derail us.

I would like to suggest a different approach. What if you actually honor your shortcomings  and show them respect? As some will say – whatever you resist persists. So instead of negating the negatives, acknowledge them first and then on to beef up your strengths.

Have a good day,

To Grow Your Success . . .

It seems like a ton of people have the “one” answer on how to achieve greater success. Actually, each year experts deliver the next perfect model to do so. Do what does this tell us?

  • There is no one answer.
  • Learn what you can and then craft your own “best of” that you can implement consistently.
  • Teach what you learn to others – an excellent way to solidify what you know.

Oh yes – the biggest thing of all is to let go of a “right way” to succeed – then you will grow your success AND happiness.

Have a great day,

Don’t Ruin Your Day

Getting to work yesterday was an “adventure”. While we have had a mild winter (so glad), yesterday was a series of mini blizzards. Whiteout conditions. My trip took nearly 2 hours versus the usually 35-40 minutes. We were bumper to bumper almost the entire trip.

On top of this, I had a few technical issue with my laptop.

As I started to get frustrated with by my discombobulated day. I paused and refused to let myself ruin my day. So I made a list of the good stuff:

  • A wonderfully supportive team at work
  • Excellent CTA drivers
  • I finally got to wear my heavy duty snow boots
  • And many more things too numerous to write in this short post

Needless to say, I ended up having a really good day and shifting my perspective was key in making that possible.

Enjoy your day,

Your Edge

What are your interests?

Then catalogue your competence (skills, knowledge, and talents).

To find your edge, find the overlap between your interests and competence. Then proceed from there.  Act now.


The Action Imperative

Many people think and think and think some more about doing something. Action is required to test your idea, project, or whatever you want to do.

Do it now. You owe to yourself.