The Inaction Success Stealer

I was meeting with a former colleague recently and he was telling me about how he wasn’t getting the support for his new venture that he expected and wanted. He and I went back and forth a number of times and I felt that something was missing. What wasn’t he telling me?

About five minutes before I needed to head back to the office, he paused and shared that there was a bigger issue behind his lack of progress. Ultimately, he was concerned that someone would steal his idea – so he didn’t want to test it anymore than he already had. He and I both knew he would never achieve his goal through inaction.

So, my former colleague decided to do a few things: 1. Protect the aspects of his idea he could – specifically registering the trademark. 2. Zoom in on the things that he uniquely brings to the idea to create a specific brand identity. 3. Take one small step to bring his idea to market a bit more than he had so far.

Action can be scary and yet long term inaction will lead to failure without the feedback to know what to do next to fix it.



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