The Next Impossible

Each time I face something I haven’t achieved before, my brain goes to “it can’t be done” mode. Then I think of a myriad of reasons about how that goal is impossible. Just before I have totally convinced myself that I might as well do something else, my mentor’s voice booms in my head, “Impossible, Don’t tell me that. Focus. Develop wisdom to know what do. Then do it.”

“Ah yes,” I think to myself. I make myself recall a time when I truly believed something was impossible (like that I would ever be happy again after being crushed by a multi-ton elevator car). Then I remind myself of my victories – especially the tiny ones that seemed insignificant – and how each one was an essential part of my transformation.

So when you face your next impossible, remember when you made something that appeared impossible absolutely possible – with your focused vision, commitment, and tenacity.



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