Why Are People Annoying?

I will admit that some individuals annoy me. A little, a lot, or somewhere in between. At times, this negative disturbance takes me by surprise, which is unsettling.

I have come to realize that there is a quick, painless, and highly effective way to turn this around. It is taking a step back and looking at the other person with compassion, empathy, and appreciation. While not always easy to do, the rewards are great. When you create space to listen to (and hopefully help) the individual, you will expand your own capacity as a human being in the process..

When we build positive bridges of understanding with others, everyone benefits.

Have a great day,



The Power of Real Gratitude

There are SO many people who talk about gratitude – journal, cards, and on and on. Yet I get a sense (maybe it’s my slightly cynical side) that many people who express gratitude expect something in return.

The paradoxical thing about gratitude is that the greater the expectation of personal gain, the less likely it will happen.

So next time you express gratitude, give openly, generously, and with no strings attached.

Have a great day,

Authenticity and Success

I watched a bunch of movies this past weekend and one really stuck with me. It was about a would-be writer who boldly stepped forward to attend a writers’ conference where her book would receive critical feedback. The prospect of this terrified her.

Her “worst” fears were realized when she received the same negative feedback from an accomplished author and two publishing executives. They told her that her writing wasn’t even up to the level to work with an editor. She had a long way to even be considered viable.

She was crushed. Yet, the source of her book being rejected wasn’t a lack of talent, skill, or capabilities – it was a lack of authenticity. Even though her words were well-written, they didn’t connect with anyone’s heart. So she had to dig deep and share what scared her the most and that was her authentic self. While there is tremendous risk in doing that, there are also amazing rewards.

So, if you have a big goal or dream, authenticity will accelerate your growth and success!


The Power of the Prize

I find it fascinating how many people set really big goals and “forget” the focus, determination, and work needed to win the prize. Some experts will even sell you the idea that anyone can do achieve the people with minimal effort.

Nothing is achieved without committed, consistent, and determined practice – and this is actually a good thing. “WHAT?” you may wonder. “Isn’t it good to get awesome stuff now without tons of action?”

I would say “No!” You, me, and the rest of the world needs trials, efforts, and resets to help us grow, advance, and be prepared for the successes that follow. Without the challenges, pivots, and enhanced courage, commitment, and confidence, each of us will likely end up bored, disenchanted, and disengaged.

I want you to be happy, contributing, and exciting about making a positive difference in your life and those around you. That’s the Power of the Prize. Go for it!

Enjoy your day,

Beyond Gratitude

I am a big believer in gratitude. If a person can’t find things to feel grateful for, life often becomes an endless slog. I understand that.

While feeling gratitude is essential, it’s incomplete. Feeling gratitude impacts you alone, while expressing gratitude impacts both you and the other person. It takes compassion, courage, and care to share appreciation and the impact is far reaching – in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

So express gratitude sincerely, specifically, and concretely – and often!!!


Momentum Magic

For some people taking small, consistent actions is a painfully slow way to reach a goal.

Yet this isn’t necessarily accurate. More important than the size of your step is whether you can actually complete it – again and again and again. If not, a big number times zero is still zero.

On the other hand, momentum is invaluable because as you develop a positive habit, you accelerate your progress, capabilities, and success.

Enjoy your day,

Don’t Be Left Out

When I was in school, I used to think that I was the only one not out on the weekend. Everyone in my dorm (or so I thought) was out having fun while I wasn’t.

Rather than sit back and be stuck inside, I decided to plan my own activities and I invited friends and people I wanted to have as friends. While not everyone said “yes” to my invitations, enough people did that we had fun and enjoyable times.

Then, someone I had known for a long time, asked me a totally unexpected question.”Anita,” she said. “How come you always have these great things to do on the weekend?” I paused and replied, “Since I wasn’t invited to the big deal activities I wanted to attend, I decided to create my own. You are welcome to join us whenever you want.”

My lesson:

I took myself out of the game since I didn’t express an interest. I just waited for something to make the first move – which didn’t happen, Then I decided to take the initiative to include others, not wait for them to include me.

Have a great day,

How Are You “Asking” to Be Treated?

Your behavior often “dictates” how individuals around you treat you.

Ask yourself: do you approach others from a sense of confidence or doubt?

If it is the latter, find ways to boost your sense of self worth and you may just see that others “upgraded” you with greater respect, trust, and positive acknowledgement.

Have a great day,

The “Perfect” Decision Dilemma

Wanting to make the “perfect” decision is something that many people struggle with – including me. Yet a perfect decision is an illusion and an insidious form of procrastination.

So what is a person to do?

Allocate a fixed amount of time you will devote to collecting information.
Determine and prioritize your key factors.
Pull together what you learn and decide.

While there is risk involved in any decision, having more time and information doesn’t necessarily lead to a better outcome.