Break Through a Key Barrier to Success

It’s a very funny thing about missing a target – whether personal or professional. While the barriers can sneakily appear to be external – often others not doing what we want and need – the biggest obstacle is usually internal.

You may think, “Here we go again with that internal stuff. I really just wish others would change.” Well, I actually agree with you. I, too, “hope” that the person in my way – who may not even show me respect – will change his or her frustrating behavior toward me. Then my world would be so much better.

When I am honest with myself (which I intend to be every day), I know that the only possible source of change is within me – and within you. Anything other than that is a fantasy, a distraction that leads to less than what you would want.

You deserve the best, so start with internal change – which can be in your thoughts, words, and/or actions. Do this and your life, success, and happiness will positively expand.

Happy 2018!


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