Is Your Work Brand Success?

Look at your posture and attitude to your work. Each thought, word, and action is building your career.

So if you want to see where you professional future lies, notice what you are doing today. If you like what you see, continue.

If not, what can you do today to reshape your professional destiny? You might decide to go back to school, change jobs or career, or it could be as simple as treating your job, colleagues, and “clients” with greater appreciation, dignity, and respect.

The choice is yours. Make it!



Your Real Assets

Are you an analytical problem-solver? In many professions, this can be a real asset. Yet in daily life, your ability to see what’s wrong with a situation can actually wear you down.

Each time you find something that doesn’t work, you could get stuck there – feeling like a deer caught in the headlights.

Now this doesn’t suggest that you cast aside those analytical problem-solving skills. Just use them to move any obstacles out of your way. Then you can proceed freely, clearly, and re-energized.

Have a great day,

Take a Success Nap

David loves his work and works like crazy, yet at times gets really exhausted. Sounds quite human?

David doesn’t see it that way. It makes him really angry to get tired – at least it used to until he collapsed at work and had to be taken to the hospital.

Fortunately, overall David was quite healthy. He just needed a little R & R. So David took a vacation. While he still adores his job and works lots of hours, he notices when he needs a rest and takes it.

Like with most things, use common sense. If you are hungry eat and if you are tired take a nap.

Have a great day,

Success is More Than Trappings

Why do most people seek success and all of its trappings? Do individuals really want gobs and gobs of money just to be able to bury themselves under a pile of hundred dollar bills? It’s highly unlikely.

Most people desire fulfillment. Once they have that, most people feel successful regardless of the assets in their investment portfolio, number of cars in the garage, or companies they’ve IPO’d.

So what do you need to feel fulfilled and what will you do today to begin making that a reality?

Have a great day,

Where Change is Possible

The present is the place where change is possible. But it’s tempting to peek to the future or look over your shoulder to review the past. Yet to do so, could likely make you less effective overall and dissatisfied with whatever you are doing right now no matter how terrific it is.

So practice staying in the present for at least 5 minutes each day. The potential rewards are enormous, so stay here long enough to receive them.

Have a great weekend,

An Unbeatable Combination

Are you an analytical type? Can you crunch the numbers with the best of them?

That’s a terrific skill, but it’s only part of the equation.

Since you will never have perfect and complete data, jumping off and acting without incomplete information is an essential skill.

So today, do your homework and act. It’s an unbeatable combination.

Have a great day,

Imagine Success

What is planning?

For the strategy consultant, conducting studies to support whatever is undertaken must come first. To the financial analyst, “running the numbers” to ensure that the net present value of the project is greater than zero is a given. And for the product manager, analyzing the target audience for economic viability is of primary concern.

Yet without imagination, the excitement of possibilities that drive innovation and true success will die and planning will have no purpose.

The great news is that each of us has the capacity and opportunity to dream. So spend 15 minutes today as a “the chief visionary officer.”

Have a successful day,

Mind Wide Open

Ever form a plan to achieve a goal, with every step laid out, and then stick to the plan exactly as written?

While sometimes this can be a great thing, flexibility usually works better.

So as you proceed with your goals, keep your mind wide open. As you take the next steps, pay attention to new information that you discover along the way. It could help you refine your approach and advance more joyfully and successfully.

Have a great day,

A Wonderful Bridge

When I graduated from MBA school, the commencement speaker informed us that as we entered the business world we were starting all over. “Now that you know it all,” he said, “real learning can begin. Make it count.”

Learning is a wonderful bridge from the past, through the present, and into the future. Never stop learning.

How can you make your learning really count today?


Which Direction?

Are you achieving the goals that are important to you? If yes, congrats! Yet if you are not living your goals and dreams, pause for a moment and ask yourself “why?”

While there may be many “reasons”, one common one is having goals and dreams that are in conflict with one another.

So look at your goals and dreams, are any two sending you in opposite directions? If so, consider modifying the ones that create the conflict. Then you can proceed with focus, single-minded determination, and a sense of fun.

Have a great day,