Never Say Never

I recently overhear two men in an elevator say the following: “George, there are just no wise people where I work. People have gotten really stupid and thoughtless – and I let the people I work with know that.”

I figured that George would shrug and begin talking about last night ball game, so his response surprised me: “Ted, I don’t think that wisdom is a thing of the past, there’s not much room for it – the world is so filled with judgment.” And then there was silence.



Happiness for You

Have a happiness party with your friends.

Get some crayons, markers, glue, stickers, watercolors, glitter, and old magazines and even printed images from your device. Don’t forget oversized construction paper, card stock, or folders. Invite some friends over to create “Happiness Collages.”

Your mission to create an image of what happiness means to you. Use pictures, words, and squiggles of color to show what happiness means to you. Then post your collage where you can see it every day and watch your happiness sprout in ways you can’t even imagine.

Enjoy your day,

Always/Never Enough?!?

Many people believe that they don’t have enough money, must get more, and really will only be satisfied when they have more than enough.

What that means is different depending on who you are and where you start. Yet one thing is universal – “more than enough” is vague, indefinite, and unreachable regardless of who you are.

So if you are frustrated by never having more than enough – consider what they would actually be. In the process, you might find that you have more than enough right now.

Have a wonderful day,

Success Starts with Your Questions

What questions do you ask yourself?

Are they things like, “How could I have done such a stupid thing?” Or are they more like, “What will help me be happy today and help others do the same?”

Your brain will answer either type of question and you’ll likely get lots of answers.

So form your questions so that they give you greater courage, confidence, and compassion.

Enjoy your day,

Are You Easy or Difficult?

Want to instantly add joy to your life?

With each person you interact with during your day ask yourself, “Am I making this person’s life more difficult or less difficult?” If you are a less difficult kind of person, continue. If your MO is “beyond high maintenance,” then consider a different approach.

Find ways to lighten the load of others all the while respecting yourself.

Have a great day,

Use Your Voice

Do you know someone going through a challenging time and are not sure how to help?

While you may not be able to predict the future, you can offer your voice – and assure them that things will get better.

Even if their situation looks awful, your reassuring words could mobilize their courage, confidence, and determination to make the “impossible” possible. So be there.

Do it!

The Responsibility Paradox

Are you the proverbial Boy Scout or Girl Scout believing that “everything” in your life is your responsibility?

While it’s essential to take responsibility for what is yours, taking on more than your share is not very healthy. It can also lead to overload and rebellion from accountability of all kinds.

So relax, stay flexible, and practice letting go of the things that are not your responsibility. You life will be lighter, more joyful, and happier.

Have a great day,

Thrills without the Spills

Do you often leave things to the last minute and then have to rush around to complete the tasks at hand?

While procrastination is sometimes a result of fear, there is another possibility.

Some people like the exhilaration that comes from getting things done at breakneck speeds. So to accomplish this, they slow down to experience that thrill. What ways would allow you to experience that excitement without having to crash and burn in the process?

Have a great day,

“Right” Time Decision Making

Think it’s time to move on from a job or relationship?

If it’s not clear to you, here’s one strategy that virtually always works.

Do your very best where you are in ways where you add value and harmony to yourself and the team. Doing a great job doesn’t block but only increases your ability to know if and when the right time comes to move on.

So do you best and reap of the rewards of greater confidence, sense of purpose, and wisdom.

Thank you,

Better Decisions with Ease

Want to make better decisions no matter what the context?

Make them from a sense of peace. If you make big and “scary” decisions from fear, the outcomes will also be packed with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.

So they next time you have a big or small decision to make, take steps to make yourself comfortable and filled with peace. Some people meditate or take warm baths, while others gather lots of information. Do what works for you. Then the peace you find in the decision making process will be carried into whatever you choose to do.

Have a great day,