Beyond the Step That Stops You

An unstarted task can go from a simple action to a nightmare.

Have you ever wanted to do something, yet kept putting it off? And then as each day passes, it gets harder and harder to do. If that first thing feels too big to handle, break it down until you can do it. Make it so small it seems silly. Then your “nightmare” step will be a dream!



What if Impossible is Temporary?

When someone tells you that something is impossible, does that stop you? If you are anything like me, you probably at least pause. While it can be prudent to take a moment to think things through, don’t let yourself get stuck in that analysis.

Start look at your goal and situation and find one thing you have control over that you can take action today. Then do it and begin to make the impossible more and more possible.

Enjoy the ride,

Where’s Your Focus?

In life, there are invariably annoyances and inconvenience. Anonymous

So what?

What’s the difference between an inconvenience and a problem?

Having no place to live or breaking your neck are problems. Most other things, like traffic jams and bad service, are just annoying.

Focus your energy on solving real problems and creating the life that you desire. You’ll be happier, healthier, and far more successful.

Have a positively focused day,

Inner Limits

The limits you set for yourself exist in your mind. Anonymous

So what about you?

Do relatives, friends, or colleagues cause you to fail? While others may place obstacles in your way or frustrate your efforts, they don’t defeat you. You have to defeat yourself inside first before anyone or anything can do it to you. How can you support yourself today from the inside out?

Have a great day,

When Little Is Big

Do you want to accomplish something big? That large goal is made up of small actions you can take beginning now.

Where do you have control over your life? It’s in the little things.  Attending to details will give you immediate reward and increases your confidence to undertake bigger and bigger challenges. Details are the bridges that bring us closer to our best.  What tiny detail can you master today?


Fright Energy

I come from a family of worriers, yet I‘m learning a new approach.

Next time you feel frightened by a challenge, don’t worry. Instead ask yourself, “Am I scared or excited?” Anxiety and excitement produce the same physical sensations.  Remember how invigorating horror movies can be? Harness your “fright energy” to work for, not against you.

Enjoy your day,

Super Guides

Ever wonder why others succeed – at everything from being a good parent to heading a company?  They find role models, ask for the help they need, and reciprocate. They also believe in themselves. Take a few minutes now to record your personal and professional assets. Reread this list often.

Have a good day,

The Successful Tortoise

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. Chinese Proverb

How’s your progress?

Wish you could make more progress faster? Sure, but it doesn’t always work that way.  Sometimes growth feels painfully slow. Don’t give up. Continue making efforts, for even 5 minutes a day, and you’ll realize your goals. After all, the unhurried tortoise did beat the rushed rabbit.

Have a happily progressive day,

Responsibility to Success

Take actions where you can assume responsibility. You can’t control if someone will like or hire you, but you can decide how you spend your time and with whom. Focus on developing your interests and talents, a real sense of who you are, and meaningful goals. And don’t forget to give yourself credit when credit is due.

Empower your day with action,

Fan the Flames

Too many people let their dreams die, hopes fade, and spirits wither.  Don’t. Know why you want this dream. Develop a vivid picture about life after you’ve realized it – write it down or create a collage depicting your success. Your enthusiasm will inspire others to help you achieve your dreams and keep you motivated.