Why do some people fail or reach their goal, while others continue despite disappointments and setbacks?

While there are many causes, one clearly stands out. That is determination. With strong inner resolve, you are well on your way to victory. Where is the focus of your determination – your underlying why? Take a small step to have your actions support this resolve.

Go out and do it,


Winning with a Two-Way Conversation

Getting what you want is a process – especially when you need help from another person. There will likely be more than one conversation. Be prepared to listen, make tradeoffs, and always focus on making things work for you and the other person – getting to a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Think of this process as a discussion where each side has the opportunity to talk about his/her wants and needs. Give the other person your full attention and let him/her feel heard and respected.

If you do, you increase the chances of getting what you want and need and even creating a deeper relationship – which is great!