Easier to Find the Poop

I would say that it’s easy to find the poop – the things that are wrong with people, organizations, and situations. It is much harder to find the positive value. It takes courage, resourcefulness, and humility.

So the next time you are about to judge another person, organization, or situation, pause. Let the negatives flow up, out, and away. Then zero in on the good stuff you see. If appropriate, share what notice. You will brighten up two lives – the other person and you.



Encouragement Can Lead to Discouragement

Encouragement can actually lead to discouragement.

How could that possibly be?

Okay, encouragement isn’t a bad thing. In fact it can be really really good. Yet, it’s incomplete.

For encouragement to be effective it needs to be accompanied by very specific and practical guidance. To be really stellar encouragement, the guidance (of strategics, tactics, and tools) needs to be tailored to the person receiving the encouragement.

Go out and encourage someone today.


Empowered Fear

I can get scared over a variety of things – from the mundane (like managing the icy sidewalks in winter) to the global (so many things on that front).

I will admit that when I am afraid, I judge myself pretty harshly. Then I began to think about flipping fear on its head and seeing how I can leverage the energy that is used by fear for something better. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. When I said thank you for the fear, I shifted – as did the fear, my momentum, and my confidence.

Something to think about.

Enjoy your day,

The Upside of Falling Short

Do you ever miss your target or come up short of achieving a goal? If you are like me and most others the answer is “yes”. So what do you when you fall short? My friend, Steve, would tell you to jump up and down with excitement that you have a big opportunity to grow and accomplish way more than you might even imagine.

Please don’t roll your eyes. He’s right.

I have found that when I miss hitting my goals, I ask myself if I still want to achieve it. If I do, then how do I stack the odds in my favor so that I can regain my footing, momentum, and confidence.

So if you are falling short, take a step back and start over – and smaller can be even better if a tinier action gets and keeps you going.


Tiny Gesture, Big Impact

I was with a group of friends last evening and one person (who I don’t know that well) came up to me at the end of the gathering. She thanked me for a card I sent her recently. I was so glad that my words on paper and with a stamp made a big difference in her life and heart – mine, too.

Being nice in small and genuine ways can be really important – to another person and to you!


How Far Will You Go?

“How far will you go?” is a big question with no certain answer. It is a function of many things. Here are a few for you to noodle on.

Vision and goal

Knowing why you want to achieve your goal

A plan of sustainable action in areas your control

You appreciation for yourself, others, and all of the resources you have at your disposal.

The more you have of these things will definitely increase how much you will accomplish and how good you will feel about doing so.


Beyond the Impasse

It happened this week. I faced an impasse.

I really dislike (read as “hate”) being stuck. Whenever I hit that point, I lose confidence, motivation, and momentum – which just solidifies the impasse more and more.

That’s when I feel that the impasse is permanent and that I will never get past it. UGH! I lose hope – which is never a good thing for anyone.

Despite how bad I feel (which can be really bad), I still desperately search for a glimmer of something positive, even a bit of forward movement. The path to get there is always through appreciation. When I find even one person, circumstance, or situation I am grateful for, a shift occurs. It’s not that I am out of the impasse, that can take time. I just come to “realize” that there is a possibility to get beyond the impasse.

Have a good day,

Why Hope for the Best

How many times have you heard someone tell you to hope for the best? I actually never really liked that expression. It sounded like a resignation of sorts. Almost believing that there isn’t much upside, so have low expectations.

Instead, of hoping for the best – why don’t we each create the best with our eyes firmly focused on the reality of the situation. Go big practically.

Have a great day,

Share the Wealth

You might think that the best way to have more is to share less. While this may be true for some things, with gratitude it’s the opposite. The more gratitude you express, the more reasons you will have to say “thank you”.

Have a good day,

Without This, Forget It

“Without this, forget it” may seem like a bold statement and it is. The “this” is gratitude. Without it, goals will be nearly impossible to achieve. Even if you do accomplish your targets, it will not be fun.

Gratitude make the not so good, good and the good even better.

Have an appreciative day,