When Do You Need Determination?

I hang out with a group of people who emphasize the importance of determination. In fact, at the beginning of each year – instead of New Year’s Resolutions, they set Determinations.

I often wonder – what is determination and how does a person know he or she has it?

From my experience and conversations, I would say that it is one thing to claim to have determination and another to actually have it. What I believe is required to have determination is someone or something that challenges us and that we find ways to continue our pursuit.

I wish you determination to achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations.



Stop Striving to Be Your Best Self

I work with a number of people who are very goal oriented and set out to accomplish one thing after another. While on the surface this is a really good thing, there is also a downside.

I have seen this time and again – ambition can lead to massive amounts of success. Yet without a sense of appreciation all along the way, achievements can feel harrow.

So as you complete your next goal (or even mini-goal), stop for a moment and recall why this goal was important to you and what you appreciate about achieving it.

Enjoy your successes,

Your Not So Big Idea

I was watching a new venture pitch. There was one idea in particular which was good, but didn’t seem big enough to stand on its own. The judges seemed to agree and thought the idea, while not a stand alone product, could be an excellent and profitable feature for a business that already existed.

Watching the pitch team, they seemed split. One part of the group were – “We can do this and the judges don’t see the value – we’ll show them.” The other group were more open to a partnership that could add value to many and make the team a tidy profit.

So with you next idea, project, or pitch – even if it doesn’t seem viable alone, think about how you can team up with others and create something cool and valuable.


Do At Least One Thing Today

Even if you don’t have the perfect action to take today, find one thing you can and will do. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Action will create momentum and you will feel good taking even one tiny step.


Complex Doesn’t Mean Better

My education was fantastic and tended to create complexity when it was needed and even when it was not. This got me into the habit of thinking that making things complicated meant they were more valuable.

Over time, I realized that it takes much more intellectual power and empathy to make a powerful idea simple, straightforward, and understandable. That is where real genius comes it. I’m working on it.

Have a keep it simple day,

Why Does the Heart Matter?

I have heard again and again that the heart matters most. Why? When I was a teenager I thought that meant that I needed to find the perfect date and turn him into someone who loved me unconditionally. Please don’t judge me, I was an adolescent.

Later, I came to realize that the heart matters because it is the compass, map, and driver in my live. When I come from helplessness and blame, that is what I see and feel. Yet when my heart is filled with appreciation, I have a MUCH better outlook and experience of love and life.

After all, the heart IS most important.


Be Incredible Starting Now

I believe that most people want to be incredible and often miss the mark out of fear, doubt, and/or discouragement.

Let’s all do this – decide how you want to be incredible, take some time to deepen your understanding in the subject matter, and ask for help. The third of the three is absolutely essential and one often not done. Please remember that no one can be incredible all by him or herself. What’s more – when you let others help you, you both win and feel great.


Beyond Hopeless

Feeling hopeless and even helpless is a terrible state to be in.

This could be around a whole variety of things from health or a visa situation to family and career. I feel this way at times, especially when the seemingly negative “facts” support my attitude and actions. At those times, I can sit and be unhappy or find one thing I do control and that can move me positively ahead – if only a little bit. With that first step, we can each create a more hopeful momentum.


Are You Brave?

I think about courage and bravery a fair amount these days. Perhaps because there’s so much uncertainty, divisiveness, and tension in the world.

Yet you, I, and everyone else, can add to the negativity or stand up with even a little bit of courage to create a more peaceful and happier world.

So today, encourage one person, which ultimately means to give courage to that person. When you do, both you and the other person will gain a lot.

Begin the ripple.

Have a great day,

Keep Saying “Thank you”

I do my best to say “thank you” when someone does something for me – from a colleague to a bus driver. Yet there are times when I am lost in my own challenges, doubts, and busyness and “forget”. I have come to realize that this is a lost opportunity – for me and the other person.

Even when people don’t reply or don’t seem to be paying attention, they usually are.

So keep saying “thank you” and you will change your world for the better.

Thank you!