Encouragizer Notes Project

I believe that writing handwritten notes can accelerate you success, deepen your relationships, and positive change your world. For the longer story, read “Write am Encouragizer Note (or Postcard) and Change Your Life.” Handwritten Encouragizer Notes are short, sincere communications to thank, encourage, and/or acknowledge someone. The choice is your. Please write and send – again and again.

Tips, Ideas, and Stories:

11..22.2010 Not all handwritten notes need to be cards. One of my friends picks up a stack of postcards wherever she goes and sends them to family and friends. They are bright and colorful, can be quick to write, and cost less than a full-fledged card.

11.16.2010 Make a trip to the post office and buy stamps so that you can send off a note anytime. There are now multiple options for the Forever Stamp.

11.15.2010: Today, as a start, make a list of 7 people who have made a positive difference in your life. Next to each name, jot down a few words that reminds you of what the person did and the impact it had on you.


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