Courage: Pass It On

People are feeling challenged by many things today and many aren’t sure if it’s even worth doing anything to change their circumstances.

Often deep down inside, they see the value of transforming their situation, but lack the courage to do much about it. That’s where you come in.

First, give others your full attention and listen with your whole heart. Second, find ways to respect the other person’s life. And third, from that respective, share stories that show how others have done what they want to do.

As you encourage and inspire the other person, watch what happens to you.



Why Not You

Ever feel like you want to change something in society, but feel too many doors are closed to you?

There may in fact be a HUGE wall blocking your way and few would judge you for giving up.

Yet someone will go beyond complaining and actual transform the situation. Why not you?

So where could you get started today?

Make it a great day,

Success Through Storied Dialogue

Stories are wonderful tools that facilitate communication. Unlike facts, which you have to agree or disagree with, stories give you the opportunity to find something that you can relate to. They are a wonderful starting point for dialogue.

So the next time you really want to make a point, create a story (based on the facts) that provides opportunities for each person in find something in it that they can connect with and start the exchange of ideas.

Have a great day,

Gardening Your Network

How’s your network?

Networks are like gardens. They need to be planted and cultivated long before you want to dine on the harvest.

So don’t delay. Initiate relationships; give them thoughtful attention; and reciprocate. Then your network will be there when you need it.


The Power of Following Through

Do you make determinations to do things and fail to follow through?

As a start, look at the promises that you make to yourself. If you are failing to achieve your own goals, are your expectations realistic? If not, how can you set goals that are reasonable for you?

Each doable step you achieve along the way is a source of celebration, success, and confidence.

Do it now,

Valuing Others Can Help You

How do you treat people who can no longer give you something important? Are they relegated to a dusty shelf somewhere or do elevate them to an even higher status?

Which approach you take might just predict how healthy you will be during your lifetime. Researchers from Temple University found that individuals who view people at replaceable as the latest and greatest device are likely to suffer from a variety of health problems even if they live a so-called “healthy” life.

Embracing and finding the continuing value in each person’s life can be a priceless elixir. Drink up.


Don’t Wait for a Crisis

“I feel like I went to my funeral and then lived,” a colleague shared recently.

After friends and colleagues found out that he had been diagnosed with a deadly disease, many told him how they felt about him. “I was extremely joyful, yet humbled by all they said,” he told me. I could tell that it meant a lot to him. Who knows – the comments could have been a powerful “medicine” that has helped with his recovery.

So don’t wait for a “crisis” to tell those you care about how much they mean to you, call or write to someone today – and when people tell you good things about you, listen up.

Enjoy your day and life,

Overcoming First Misimpressions

People often make up their minds up others based on where that person is today.

Consider an alternative. The next time you meet someone ask yourself the following: “How did this person reach his starting point in the first place?”

Your answers will be more fun, joyful, and allow you to tap into your imagination. Then you can get to know the other person and find out the truth.

Have a great day,

Getting Unstuck

What do you do when you feel stuck?

My usual MO is to push and push and attempt to “figure out” the problem, write down a whole bunch of possible solutions, and create a list of the resources I need to “make things happen”.

While this approach often does work, not always. In fact, sometimes the more I push and plan and strategize – the most stuck I feel. That’s when I give up – not quit, but give up my idea of how things “should” work out.

Have a great day,

Are You Stalling?

Do you ever find that you really want to move ahead, but you aren’t doing what needs to get done?

Hectic schedules can be a good “excuse”, but there’s usually more to it. Fear, doubt, and/or not seeing a clear pathway could be underlying reasons. Yet there are solutions.

First, decide that you really want to do the thing that is stalled. Second, recommit to it. Third, find things that you are willing to do and feel capable of completing. Finally, move at the pace that feels comfortable for you. Then being stalled will become a thing of the past.

Act even a little today,