Transforming Your Challenges into Victory

What is holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams? That “reason” is exactly the same thing that gave another person the purpose, focus, and determination to overcome it and succeed.

Today, locate a person who faced your obstacle and overcame it. Find out how s/he used the challenge to advance. While you will likely take a somewhat different approach to build on your strengths, you could learn a lot studying those you triumphed before you.

Have a fantastic Tuesday,


Success Lies in Confident Action

Many people argue about what’s most important in life. Is it wealth, love, peace? What matters most is faith in your true potential and your efforts to reveal it to the highest level. As you do, you are greater able to share with the world extraordinary wealth, love, peace, and much more.

So today take a few moments to go inside, look for your Self, and when you find it reveal it to the world. The benefits for you and the world are enormous so don’t hold back.

Best regards,

Your Best Seller

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you have a book in you?

Write a “Motivational Blockbuster” in a notebook. My friend, Danielle, does this all of the time. She pulls together ideas, quotes, and encouraging stories. Then each night, she writes down one thing that made her feel good.  You can do the same.

If you aren’t “up” that day, follow Kevin McCoy’s advice and make your book a “Sad Pad.”  Use it to vent frustrations. Just end each entry with a positive thought.

Have a fantastic weekend and happy birthday to David B!


The Unexpected Source of Success

I was working with a graduate of the MBA program from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He is a rather senior guy with significant leadership and management experience with a multinational corporation. We were chatting about a variety of things – from the state of the world markets to the nuances of leadership. Given my passion for understanding the underlying factors of success, I asked: “We both know that expressing gratitude is important – yet how can we make it concrete?”

He didn’t say a word, but instead whipped out his mobile phone. Then he said, “Do you remember this?” and begin to play a year old voice mail message. This grad had volunteered at an event last year. One of my colleagues told me that he had done an amazing job, so I took 30 seconds to tell him. No embellishments, just the facts.
“That’s how you make gratitude concrete,” he said. “And, it’s a free ‘secret’ to greater success!”

So today, just notice someone doing something right and share what you see.

Have a great Thursday,

Are You Doing or Just Trying?

“Try, try again.”
“I think not. I’d rather just do.”

“But I tried,” said the child. What actually happened? Nothing. You deserve better than that. Start anew. Banish trying. Instead commit to take some action. Choose something easy and enjoyable that you can accomplish right now. Make a call. Catch up on your reading. Exercise. Then celebrate your win. I bet you won’t even have to try.


An Example of Success

You are an example to others in life. This is true no matter what your role in life and whether or not you think others notice what you do. You are leading others by your example, so pay attention.


Be Serious, Not Tragic

Louis Adolphe Thiers once said, “Everything must be taken seriously, nothing tragically.”

Are you spending too much time on problems and not enough on what’s working? For at least 5 minutes every day write down what is working at home, work, and elsewhere. Decide what you’d like to build from there, choose one tiny step you know you can actually complete in the next 24 hours, and then do it.

Have a great Monday,

Asking Permission Could Be Hazardous to Your Happiness

Miserable is the person whose life depends on the permission of others. Anonymous

Do you ask others for approval before you’ll do something new? Or if you don’t, do you feel uneasy when you go it on your own?

It’s great to get input and advice, but it’s debilitating to need confirmation before you take action.

So choose one thing you want to do. Gather any information you need. Then go for it!

Have a great weekend.

Wake-up! Opportunity is Calling.

The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive.
The great opportunity is where you are.
John Burroughs

Do you believe that your golden opportunity for family, friendship, or fame is in another city, company, or community? While there are “lucky breaks” in all four corners of the world, yours could be right where you live, work, or play. So for the next week if you hear the phone ring, a text buzz, or an e-mail ping, it could be opportunity calling. Respond joyfully, happily, and vigorously!


Have All of the Love You Want

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. Albert Schweitzer

Most people want real love more than anything else. Do you know that it’s in front of you every day? Genuine love is grounded in our common humanity. When you share this and treat others with dignity and respect, you will receive all the love you could ever want. How can you show compassion and authentically add value to another person’s like today?

Have a great Wednesday,