Why are “They” So Frustrating?

Last night, I notice how testy I can get inside my head. I rarely yell or scream, but in my thoughts I get annoyed, frustrated, and upset. I was heading home after getting together with a group of friends. Once I leave a place, I am a person on a mission to get the bus and get home. So, I started complaining to myself how slowly people were walking. Then as we were steps away from the bus stop, the bus cruised on by. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! If only “they” had walked faster. So I began to head north on Broadway all by myself (boo hoo.) I decided to walk to Addison and because the next bus there was 28 minutes (according to the very reliable bus tracker,) I would then catch a cab.

As I raced north, my head was filled with complaint and my mood was rapidly declining. Much to my surprise, there was a bus approaching the stop. I waiting a nanosecond, got on the bus, and was quickly home.

Of course, the inner complaining stopped and I paused – what was the lesson here? Am I dawdling in some areas of my life? Was I cosmically moved out of harm’s way? While those are interesting ideas, I think my lesson is more basic. For me, complaining in my head (even if I am completely justified in doing so) doesn’t help. Compassion, action, and appreciation do – at least for me.

Have a great Tuesday,
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Are You a Success or Failure Storyteller?

I was at home last night flipping channels and landed on a program on the Oprah Winfrey Network, a network I don’t watch very often. Yet I was intrigued enough to set the timer to switch to the program, Oprah’s Next Chapter, a minute before it started. Her guest was Tony Robbins. About 15 minutes into the program, I heard the word “story” and I put down the Sudoku puzzle I was working on and paid full attention.

Tony said something that I truly believe: our stories create our lives. The question is this: Are the stories you tell yourself empowering you to a bigger, more capable, and expansive life or the opposite? Sometimes, the narratives we tell ourselves and even share with others shrink our courage, perspective, and choices. Yet, it is not the facts of the story – but what we believe about it. That’s why you see individuals whose challenges derail them and other who use very similar stories to accelerate their growth and happiness.

So listen to your words. If they are encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting, keep telling those stories. If not, change the story to change your life.

Happy Monday,

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Celebrate Away

Today is Valentine’s Day. Whether it is the bane of your existence or if you look forward to it all year, celebrate. You can celebrate your friends, family, loved ones, and even people you don’t know who have positively impacted you.

Love comes in many forms.

Share yours.

Happy Tuesday,

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Prepare for the Very Best

Today is one of my offsite Mondays. When I work on a Saturday, my two-day weekend is Sunday and Monday.

So, early this morning I met with Cam and Michael about next steps with my book series. It’s getting really real at this point – with marketing plans, potential profilees for future volumes, and more. While I am very excited, I felt a little scared. I know, sounds wimpy – but it is honest. So I decided to flip my perspective and focus on preparing the very best outcome. Once I did, my enthusiasm expanded dramatically and eclipsed my fear.

An idea to consider for your BIG goals.

Have a great Monday,

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The Power of Why

It’s really easy to get excited about and committed to a new goal or dream. A fresh adventure can be exhilarating. Yet, if and when you face a challenge – even a small one – motivation can evaporate. That is the time when understanding why you are pursuing an ambition is key. That why, or underlying purpose, evens out the rough spots and re-energizes the spirit – to advance once again.

So if you have a goal or are contemplating one, leverage the power of why for greater success and happiness.

Have a great Wednesday,

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Success and Happiness When You See It

I have a friend who lives on the east coast of the U. S. – a very talented woman filled with creativity, vision, and possibilities. Today is her birthday and my wish for her is also my wish for each of you:

  • Acknowledge your talents, gifts, and abilities
  • Perceive the value in what you do and contribute
  • Understand the reality of your life and actively search for the good
  • Recognize your accomplishments and celebrate them

Have a wonderful day,

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It’s Usually Not Personal

In the last 24 hours, a piece of “feedback” has come my way that wasn’t what I prefer. I love to receive glowing reports of the tremendous value I bring to each person with whom I interact. Fortunately, affirmative reactions are the norm. Yet when that I receive a less than positive comment, there is value there, too. It causes me to self-reflect and see where I can do better, be more effective in my interactions with others, and create value for all parties. It’s also a good reminder that underneath all feedback – positive or less so, it’s not personal.

Off to elevate my skills, knowledge, and compassion,

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The Thank You Bonus

Yesterday I met with two of the people who are turning my book idea into a reality. I can’t even begin to express in words how much I value and appreciate them for believing in me and my dream. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

The more you remember to share your appreciation with those who help you, the more support, advancement, and success you will have.

Enjoy your day,

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Even If You Doubt It, Appreciation Changes Everything

Whenever I feel that the world isn’t smiling on me and affording me all that I believe I deserve, I realize that I am the one not smiling on the world. So when I have the presence of mind to pause, I find that an appreciation shopping spree sets everything straight. Now this doesn’t mean I go shopping for people to express gratitude to me – just the opposite. I reach out to others – in person, by phone, Skype, and the old school (yet super reliable) hand written note. Whatever works for you, do it. AND expect NOTHING in return. Then just notice what happens.

Have a great weekend,

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