“Two” Londons

There is an old story of two people who moved to London from different parts of the world. The first, Joseph, was walking in London and asked a local, “We’re moving to London – what are the people like?” ”What are the people like where you come from?” was the reply. “They are awful,” said Joseph. “They cheat, lie, and will stab you in the back given half a chance.” “The people in London are exactly the same,” conceded the Londoner.

Then the second man, Michael, posed the same question to the same Londoner who replied, “Well, what are the people like from your hometown?” “We look out for one another. My neighbors are honest, caring, and generous. I really hate to leave.” “Good news,” smiled the Londoner, “the people here are exactly the same – welcome.” There are not two Londons – one cheating and the other honest. Those “two” cities exist in the hearts of the people – what’s in your heart?

Have a wonderful day,


Are You Junk or Treasure?

I used to think that feelings were a sign of weakness and if I could just rid of them, everything would make sense and I would be happy. I’ve come to realize that feelings are what make us human and that depending on where we focus our feelings, we will either think we’re junk or treasure. 

Junk Feelings are ones that steal our freedom – things like fear, lack, worry, resentment, and guilt. Let’s call them “swallowing crushed glass” feelings. Ugh! What an awful sensation. 

At the other end of the spectrum are Treasure Feelings – things like appreciation, joy, delight, ease and love. Let’s call these “flying to the moon” feelings. In this mode, you have absolute freedom. You feel so good that you accomplish things that other times would seem impossible. 

Where do you focus – on junk or treasure? The great gift is that you can shift in a moment. So if you feel concerned, uneasy, or a little down – think of a time when you felt one of the Treasure Feelings. Feel how you actually felt then and you will turn from junk to treasure – Instantly! 


The Five Minute Challenge

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was completely overwhelmed. She was talking so fast about all of the things that she was failing to do, I wanted to hang up – but I didn’t. Instead, I suggested that she choose one thing and do it for five minutes. She relaxed and felt much better and committed to her five minute challenge. 

 Is there something that you’d like to achieve, personally or professionally, that doesn’t seem to be happening? We’ve all been there. While there are many reasons for slow or no progress, one that seems to show up for people in all walks of life is – “I don’t have the time.” This is a terrific excuse because nearly everyone can relate to it. So, you will have a ready “army” of friends, family, and colleagues who “understand.” Now, that may be great to make you feel better in the moment, but it will derail your ability to accomplish your goals. 

So what to do? Like my friend, chop up your goal into bite-size pieces, things that you are ready, willing, and able to absolutely do. Then commit to even five minutes to work on this goal each day. Everyone (who wants to) can find five minutes. Once you get going, five could turn into more time. But even if five minutes a day is all that you can spare, you will make progress, gain motivation, and boost your confidence. 

Why not take five minutes right now to get started?!? 

Of course, appreciate each step you take. 

Have a wonderful day,

Chasing versus Advancing

Yesterday I sent the following tweet: “Advance toward your aspirations instead of chasing them. You will ultimately achieve your goals and dreams faster and be happier.”  Since it was a Sunday, I didn’t really expect to receive a response. Happily, I did from my friend, Paul. “Hi Anita, I’m curious – what do you see as the difference between advancing and chasing? Paul” He made me really think – which I view as an absolutely great thing. Here’s what I wrote: 

Hi Paul, 

That’s a great question. 

A friend of mine, Tom, who is CEO of a small cap company, once told me to stop chasing after my goals and dreams – and to let them come to me. He believes that chasing can convey a sense of desperation that can lead people who would like to help and support running in the other direction. At the same time, Tom didn’t mean that I should hope and wait for my goals to materialize. He is clearly a person of action and expected me to take action based on my research and (hopefully) wisdom. In this sense, advancing is having a strong target and vision for what you want, preparing on an ongoing basis to stay current, and taking action with a confident (and not arrogant or anxious) heart. 

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

So today ask yourself: “Are you chasing a goal or dream out of desperation with only a slight belief that you will achieve it?” OR “Is your goal or dream real – with a clear vision of your desired future, solid preparation and planning, and action that you take confidently and with appreciation?” The former could be an exhausting chase that lasts forever and the latter is the basis for happy, successful, and lasing achievement. The choice is yours. 

I wish you success – today and forever.


Dream. Do it now. Be Done!

Through the ages, philosophers, gurus, and success experts have claimed that they have “The Answer” to indisputable personal and professional achievement. While many have ideas, motivation, and wisdom to impart to us, the package often requires Herculean commitment, vast stores of willpower, and an ability to sift through more complexity than I have the willingness or patience to handle. And if the system doesn’t “work” – it’s not viewed as a systems failure, but a lack or defect in the person attempting to use it. The net result is a confidence drain. 

To me, this is not an acceptable outcome.

So, I began to study – not of the marketers of success – but of real people who became successful on their own terms.  I noticed a three-step process that they intuitively use. 

1.     Dream. It’s crucial to have goals – concrete, measurable, and win-win – with steps that are doable beginning today. They must be your goals – not a friend’s, parent’s, partner’s – or something that you “should” do. Choose goals important to you that inspire, motivate, and are a source of celebration when achieved.

2.    Do it now. It’s time to start today. It’s doesn’t matter how small the step is, just that you do it. Refrain from comparing your actions to anyone else’s. It’s counterproductive and generally useless. Take actions that you are ready, willing, and able to take and that you will feel good about when they are done. This can be as simple as making a phone call to someone who can help you to spending 15 minutes a day until your business plan is completed.

3.    Be Done. When you are about 80% through with a goal, plan the next one. It will be your impetus to plow through the last 20% and not refine yourself into oblivion. Attention to detail is great unless it becomes perfectionism run amuck. Once you complete a goal, celebrate the success, rest on your laurels for about 20 minutes, and then go on to create your next success. 

As you Dream, Do it now, and Be Done, I’d love to hear about your successes. That’s what keeps me inspired.



Go for the Gratitude

It’s so easy to see what doesn’t work in your home, work, school, and community and then share your negative findings with anyone who will listen. I have certainly been known to do this – to my detriment. Yet to be truly happy, respected, and credible, it is essential that you go for the gratitude.

What does this actually mean? Going for the gratitude requires that you approach each person and situation with a broad sense of appreciation. Then find ways to express your gratitude for the great things that you see – from something simple like making a phone call just to say hello or writing a note to a more elaborate gesture like a luxurious dinner or two tickets to a sporting event. Let you imagination, heart, and budget be your guides.

For the next 30 days, Go for the Gratitude and notice how your life changes. Then report back.



Have a Nice Day?!?

When someone tells you to have a nice day, do you believe that they care? Or has it become such a formality that the greeting seems trite, automatic, and at time downright annoying?

So what’s a person to do? I believe that there are lots of things that can be done, as long as each of us takes the initiative. If you truly want your family, friends, co-workers, clients, and even strangers on the street to have a nice day, how would you behave towards them?

I suggest that as a start, you look for one thing that’s good about each person. Now for some “characters” you encounter in the course of your daily life, this might seem like a monumental task – but worth it. As you see and appreciate the value in others, they may just surprise you and live up to your positive expectations. And even if they don’t, you’ll feel better about your life and the world in general – because as you actively search for the good, you’ll find it.

So, have a nice day!


Are You Taking Humility Too Far?

A very interesting thing has occurred since I began searching for Encouragizers™. “Are you sure I have a story worth sharing?” has been a common response. I find it really fascinating how many people are unable to see how their own experiences could inspire others.

I stopped myself and took a step back. Maybe I was missing something. Perhaps the people I asked didn’t have a story and I was asking too much of them. So, I sat down with several people, and as an experiment, I posed a few questions to help them reveal their goal, the challenges they faced, what they did, the outcome, and how they were different today as a result of the experience.

“See, not much there,” one after another told me. I wanted to shout, “Are you kidding me?!?” but I restrained myself. Instead, I fed back to each one what I saw and what I gained from hearing the story. Each person seemed genuinely surprised.

Why is this?

Perhaps it goes back to being told as a child not to stand out, brag, or be brazen. Arrogance can be an ugly thing. I know from first hand experience – how an inflated sense of self-importance can make others decide not to pick up the phone when they see your number in the caller ID.

Yet you can take humility to an extreme. If you carry it too far, you might miss an opportunity to give another person the hope, courage, and confidence to go after that big audacious goal which could positively change others’ live and yours.

So the next time a person asks you to share a story (and if you read the 1.4.2010 blog post below – that would be me) about how you achieved a goal, how you overcame an obstacle, or even how you live your life each day treating others with dignity and respect – say “Yes.” I know there is someone out there who needs to hear your exact story in your own words. That’s a huge gift. It’s free and the rewards (as it is said) are priceless.

Go out an encourage someone today,


In Search of Encouragizers™

I am often told that I can be very encouraging. I think that this is true because I am easily discouraged. Consequently, I am on a constant search for encouragement for myself – articles, books, films, TV – I look for stories to bolster my courage wherever I can find them. I have a veritable library of encouragement stored in my brain, scrawled in a variety of journals, and on my computer.

Guess what? When I meet someone who is feeling challenged about almost any of area of life, I have a story and/or words of wisdom borrowed from an inspired thinker from the past or present (whom I give full credit to) that I can use to brighten another person’s day. The brilliant byproduct of sharing encouragement with another is that I gain courage, confidence, and resolve from the same material – thank goodness for multipurposing.

 Here my big goal for 2010. I am on a quest to find Encouragizers™, learn from them, and share what I learn with others in my daily life, on this blog, and more. I would really appreciate knowing about Encouragizers™ in your life.

Here are some clues to spot Encouragizers™:

• They are individuals who are winning in their lives on their own terms;

• Challenges may stop them initially, but not forever;

• These individuals are driven by a purpose stronger than their biggest weakness; and

• They use this determination to transform themselves and each inner change positively ripples out into their family, community, school, workplace, and ultimately the world.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please let me know at zese23@gmail.com.



Are You an Everyday Edison?

I was flipping channels and was delighted to see that “Everyday Edisons” on in 30 minutes, so I set the timer. I am a nerd/geek in my mind and heart and I fully admit it. So for me, Everyday Edisons is an exhilarating program. When I watched the show, I learned about really cool (yet simple) inventions – from Michael Diep’s cat jungle gym that also files a cat’s nails to Aaron Tang’s feisty alarm clock. Perhaps you have a good idea that the world needs, considering attending a casting call. In the meantime, visit Edison Nation, a community Web site dedicated to idea people. Edison Nation holds monthly Live Product Searches that allow you to submit your ideas online. The world is waiting for your idea to make a bunch of lives better!