Feeling Stuck? A Wonderful Breakthrough is in Your Future.

Ever feel stuck with a challenge what seems to have no solution? Perhaps you’re feeling that way right now. While you can’t force an answer, there are things you can do to loosen things up a bit.

Start by writing down wild, outrageous, and even silly solutions. Record everything Do this nonstop for 15 minutes. Now you don’t have to implement any of the steps and solutions, although when you review your writings you might choose to. At the very least, you will break through the pattern of “this is an impossible situation” and see things from a new perspective.



The Sure-Fire Method for Building Powerful Relationships

If you really want to understand the people around you – at home, school, work, or in your community – talk to them one on one. Ask them about their lives – about their goals, dreams, challenge and achievements. Then give them your rapt attention. Listen with your ears and your heart and be willing to share some of yourself with them.


Success Through Self-Acceptance

I am what I am. Popeye

So what about you?

Acceptance is seeing the way it is. It is not approval, contentment, or even liking what is. Acceptance also isn’t passive, but the first step to successful action. Until you accept all of who you are, you are looking through filters of must’s and should’s. Spend five minutes today writing down things you accept about yourself.

Then you will be poised for success.

Accelerating Your Success with “Mistakes”

Tyranny reigns in many people’s lives. It comes not in the form of a malevolent person, but as a looming fear of doing the wrong thing. So the choice is yours – you can seek to avoid making mistakes at all cost or you can relax a little. In doing so, you could just give yourself the room to grow in wisdom and make choices that are good for your life, success, and happiness.

Have a great week,

The Sunshine of Success

This morning, I heard two people discussing the new movie, The Social Network – and the conversation actually got really heated. One person totally believes that it takes complete ruthlessness to succeed, while the other person argued that you can be a good person and have a high level of achievement whether or not it generates goo gobs of money.

To be significant and relevant, each of us must define success for ourselves and then “evaluate” our life based on this. Yet doing this is not easy – it takes courage, conviction, and a super strong sense of self. I believe you are up to the challenge.

Have a great week,


Authentic Success

What do you believe is at the core of your success?

While there are many things that add to your accomplishments, the ultimate source of success is You. This is the You that is based on what you truly value (way beyond the what you should or ought to do.)

Today, think about the things that you are and do that make you smile just thinking about them. Write down at least twenty characteristics, values, or personal qualities. Then remove them – one-by-one – until only five remain. This will give you the core of what’s part of your authentic success. Finally, look for ways to include your “top five” a little each day.

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Opening Opportunities for You

Do you believe in all of the possibilities of life – not just for others, but also for you? It’s easy to have life’s little twists and turns “erase” options and opportunities from your consciousness, yet they still exist. So as you approach your day, find one new way to do or think about something. Then notice the other things in your life that “open up.”

Best regards,

Are You More Struggle or Effort?

Someone once told me that there is a world of difference between struggle and effort, but initially they seemed much the same to me. My mistake.

We can put massive amounts of effort into our family, a project, or some other area of our life – and that could be absolutely perfect. We are often exhilarated by the journey, outcomes, and reviews.

Yet struggle is effort plus negative emotions and a sense of desperation. Not at all a good trio.

So the next time that you feel like you are struggling, pause. Then deconstruct the negative emotions and any sense of desperation and replace that “void” with a sense of appreciation and a generosity of spirit.

Then you will be more effort and rewards,

Expanding Your Power with What Works

What if life is not one continuous problem solving session, but rather one glorious treasure hunt? Studies conducted at Case Western University show that individuals and organizations that analyzed their flaws and weaknesses had a more difficult time advancing than those who focused on what worked and built from there. This was true with children, teenagers, adults, and organizations of all sizes.

As an experiment for the next 31 days, first thing in the morning ask yourself: “What works about my relationships, career, health, your life as a whole – or you fill in the blank with whichever area you want to focus on?” Make a list, starting with 11 items on day 1. Add 3 items to your list each day for 30 days for a total of 101. This works. Just do it and you will reap tremendous rewards. Let us know what happens.

Have a terrific Wednesday,

If At First You Don’t Reach Your Goal . . .

When I was a teenager and struggling to achieve a dream that was all I could think about, my Aunt Mary used to tell me that If at first you don’t reach your goal, celebrate someone else’s success. While I loved my aunt, I thought she was clueless. How could I be truly happy for a victory that wasn’t mine?

Now you may think that this sense of “if you win, I lose” attitude is confined to teenagers. Yet all you have to do is look at your workplace, school, or even home and you will see this mind-set running rampant.

I suggest a different approach. Celebrate everyone’s successes and happy outcomes as if they were your own – and do it sincerely. Watch what happens – you will most likely make the other person feel acknowledged, create a more supportive environment, and boost your own spirit in the process.

Have a great day,