Gratitude From Growth

As a teenager, I was told that I was ungrateful. At the time, it didn’t feel that way. I didn’t think I needed to express gratitude when people gave me things that demonstrated that they didn’t know who I was, much less even care.

You might chalk this up to teenage angst, but I believe it was something quite a bit deeper. My lack of gratitude came from a general lack of appreciation for myself – and as it said, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Over the years, as I appreciate myself more I am able to be genuinely grateful for the people, organizations, and circumstances in my life. I also attribute this having a mentor who exemplifies gratitude and my own openness to grow. This is not to say that I have a perfect “score” on gratitude. I know it’s time to grow a bit more when my complaining increases and my appreciation declines. For me, I jump in and write a few more cards – or even give the bus driver a wooden token of appreciation.

Thank you for reading this,


Inside Out Success

Many people I work with look for ways to change the people in their lives, the specific circumstances, and the environment. They wish each of those things would suddenly become more helpful, supportive, and positive.

Yet, I’ve never seen it work that way. Success (and happiness) begins on the inside. When we start with ourselves – changing our own behavior first – this leads to changes external to us. It’s not magic, but a function our ability to see more options – in terms of how we think, perceive, and act.

Have a great day,

The Platinum Rule

It used to be that you treat others the way you wanted to be treated – this was the Golden Rule. Today I learned another “rule” known as the Platinum Rule. With the Platinum Rule – treat others as they want to be treated. This means that you will need to get to know the other person and build at least the beginnings of a relationship. Could be a big win on both sides.


The Power of Goals on Sticky Notes

I have a young friend, Yoshi, who is a rockstar. I know that word is overused, but in this case it absolutely applies – and may not even be strong enough. He is a person of growth, integrity, and courage with a strong vow to make the world a much better place, firmly planted in his heart and mind.

He talks a big game with actions that exceed the talk – and as the story goes, he has a wall of sticky notes in his home with his goals. These goals inspire, drive, and I suspect even scare him a little. This is the point – whether on sticky notes, apps, or in your head – choose the big goals that help you become the type of person, like Yoshi, who can move mountains of change and peace.

Way to go, friend!

Have a great day,

When You’re Open to Growth. . .

It’s a funny thing about weak spots. Even when I try to “hide” them, they are obvious to pretty much everyone. However, when I become aware of my own weak links, I have an opportunity to strengthen them. I do it small steps at a time.

Sometime I wish I was an all in, turn my not so strong areas into major strengths right now, but that’s just not my style. Instead, I find an action that is under my control and I can actually take today – given who I am and everything that is going on in my life. While this my not sound bold or inspiring, I find that this is my path to sustainable growth – and it does pay off – in big ways at times.

So if you are open to achieving bigger goals, grow. Remember that growth doesn’t have to happen all at once or overnight, just start with something accessible and keep moving ahead.

I am cheering you on!

Have a wonderful day,

The Action Imperative

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how ideas are wonderful and yet without action, they are fantasies.

So if you have a goal or dream and you are still thinking about it without consistent action, what can you begin doing today – even for five minutes? Taking action, a bit each day, will create momentum, a positive habit, and help you reach your goal.

If slows seems like “not enough”, experiment and see what you do, how you feel, and the outcome. Then report back.

Have a great day,

Let Laughter and Joy Win

I just came from a memorial service of a colleague. The pastor talked about how at times of loss, there can be grief and laughter. The person who passed away was incredibly competitive. The pastor smiled and said that she hoped that laughter would win over grief at the memorial – and it did.

The lesson for me (and perhaps you) is that even in very challenging situations, there is sun – if we look for it, accept it, and celebrate it. This clearly happened today.


Tomorrow is Today

Many say they will start on a goal tomorrow.

Well, today is tomorrow.

So it’s time to get going. You are the only one who can realize your goal and purpose. The world is waiting and the time is now!


Breaking Through Limitations

If you want to get a feel for how far you can go in your career and life, look at your limitations.

They define the scope and size of your achievements.

While I wouldn’t dwell on these self-defined limitations, be aware of them and consider how you can expand what’s possible even a little bit.

Take actions that demonstrate to yourself and others what you are truly capable of. In doing so, you expand the parameters of your success, happiness, and much more!

Enjoy your day,

The Value You Share

I was with a group of friends last evening and we were discussing how to create a better environment by treating each person in front of us with dignity and respect. While not the easiest thing to do, when we are able to lead with our humanity others will have a “template” to do the same. This can create a positive ripple beginning with us.

Before the evening ended we did an exercise. Each person selected the name of another person in the room and wrote down the good stuff they experienced about that person. What emerged was a whole host of wonderful things – ultimately, each person was able to see on paper the value he or she brings to the world.

In the end, each person left smiling.

Today, let three people know the value you see in each of them.

Start the ripple,