Now Go!

You can’t build a reputation on goals without action.

Taking action is empowering, especially if you’ve been waiting for the “right” time. While it’s important to prepare and plan ahead, no time will ever be perfect. What small step can you take now that will move you closer to your goal? Do it and record it to savor your success now and in the future.

Create and action-filled day,


Choose the Hidden Gem of Challenge

If you view a painful struggle as a disease, you might give away your power to someone promising a cure. But if you see your struggle as part of a full life, you’ll search for empowering ways to find meaning in the struggle and live with greater purpose with a greater sense of purpose. Do it.


Playing Santa

Play Santa Claus any day of the year. Brickie

Surprise a friend with a gift out of the blue.  It needn’t be expensive. Choose a fanciful postcard, inspiring book, or beautiful bouquet of flowers. Think of your gift giving as bringing an unexpected pleasure to someone you care about.

Enjoy the day,

Help Hope

A friend once told me, “There’s always hope and don’t tell me otherwise. It could steal the only thing that is keeping me alive.”

So who can you give hope to today?

Hope can give you the will to hang on when life is tough. Nelson Mandela relied on hope and faith to never give up on his dream of a free South Africa, even when it looked like he’d live the rest of his life in jail. Never deprive someone of hope. It may be all they have. Be encouraging as you meet individuals throughout your day.


Keep Planting

Some people judge only their results each day. I suggest you count the “seeds” you plant.

Do you ever give yourself a hard time for not “producing enough results?”  It’s easy to do, but extremely self-defeating. So as an experiment, spend 5 minutes today paying attention to and writing down each action you take toward building a better future. Enjoy the success!

Have a great day,

Go Gently

Peace, like charity, begins at home. Franklin D. Roosevelt

So begin . . .

Act gently. Choose a gentle rather than in a strident manner. You may be trying a new path that feels a little uncomfortable. Go in a compassion manner so that if this path doesn’t fit, you can take what you’ve learned from it and try something else.

Have a peaceful day,

True Happiness

True happiness is only possible if you absolutely love each and every aspect of your Self – both the portions that are easy to embrace and those you “wish” weren’t part of you. It is in the believing in yourself, no matter what, that you can actually live your potential.

Rejecting any aspect of yourself, at some level, rejects the whole and yields a less than happy life.

So today, what aspect of yourself is in the shadows? How can you bring it into the light, love it, and use it as a springboard for your advancement?

Have a great day,

(For)Giving Is For You

Many people believe that forgiving is for the other person, yet the opposite is true. Forgiving is “Giving For You.” Think of one person whom you can forgive and then watch what positive things you give to yourself.

Enjoy your day,

Exhilarating Delight

What would happen if you went through the next 24 hours celebrating your life (and everyone else’s) full out? Record what happens and share it with others to inspire greatness in each of them.

Have a great day,


Why do some people fail or reach their goal, while others continue despite disappointments and setbacks?

While there are many causes, one clearly stands out. That is determination. With strong inner resolve, you are well on your way to victory. Where is the focus of your determination – your underlying why? Take a small step to have your actions support this resolve.

Go out and do it,