The 50% Experiment

Are you so busy talking that you sometimes miss some of the really good stuff? As an experiment, talk 50% less than you normally do. Then notice what happens. You might just pick up some valuable knowledge, insights, and opportunities. There’s a side benefit. When you say less, others may listen more when you do speak up.

Have a wonderful day,


Strong as a Diamond

Do you want to achieve noteworthy success in your life? If so, be willing to stand apart from the crowd.

The minority, not majority, of people, achieves “Success on their own terms”. To advance today, expand the courage of your convictions by trusting your heart, acting on what you know to be true, and consistently deepening your faith.

Then at a crucial moment, you will be as strong as a diamond and others won’t be able to deter you from your personal mission.

Do it,

Are Your Opinions Open?

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd. Bertrand Russell

Ever have such a strong opinion that no one, absolutely no one, was going to change your mind? So did the people who believed the world was flat, it was impossible to fly, and the earth was the center of the universe. In fact, throughout history, people have gone to war to prove that their opinions were correct, regardless of what the truth was.

So next time you decide that you are right in no uncertain terms, STOP! There are likely other valid opinions. So open up your ears, mind, and heart and really listen to what the other person has to say. In doing so, you might learn something and give the other person the opening to listen to you, too.

Have a great day,

Opportunity Central

Is your focus on what is far away and or do create value from what is right in front of you? Do you believe that your golden opportunity for family, friendship, or fame is in another city, company, or community?

While there are “lucky breaks” in all four corners of the world, yours could be right where you live, work, or play. So for the next week if you hear the phone ring, text beep, or email ping it could be opportunity calling. Respond!

Have a great day,

Don’t Save It – Pass It On

I was visiting some new friends late last year and in the midst of a wonderful brunch, we began to talk about gratitude – a topic near and dear to my heart. The next thing I knew, one of the people rushed into the back of her house and brought me the book, The Gratitude Diaries. I thanked her for letting me see it and handed it back to her.

“Anita, you keep it and pass it on when you are done,” she said. I thanked her and really enjoyed the book and looked for someone else who could benefit from reading it. The opportunity came last week when I was working with a student who I thought would enjoy The Gratitude Diaries.

I gave it to her and told her when she was done reading it to pass it on to someone else.

While my tendency is to save ideas, books, and lots more, passing something on that I enjoyed felt awesome.

Jen, thanks for the idea and the book!

Have a great day,

Valued, Respected, and Supported

I was working with someone yesterday and as I listened to him, it is clear that he is someone just about anyone would want to hire, work with, and help succeed. So why is this man valued, respected, and supported by the people on his team, his peers, and senior leadership?

For me, the answer is pretty obvious. This person:

Has high integrity;
Treats people with a deep sense of appreciation; and
Exceeds expectations with his performance, resourcefulness, and consistency.

What a powerful person – and with a quite presence that commands attention!

Way to go.


The Restart

I was meeting with Jessica (a new friend) recently, who had experienced a series of setbacks that left her discouraged, frustrated, and apathetic. It’s very difficult to move ahead from a place like that, let alone achieve the goals that she wanted to accomplish.

Jessica decided to give herself a restart and while, she couldn’t begin with a totally clean slate, she was able to do the following:

Removed from her schedule anything she didn’t want to do any longer that didn’t require her action.

Attended a clothing swap where she traded her old clothing for a brand new wardrobe and a uptake in confidence.

Signed up for a class she had wanted to take as a first step toward a potential new career.

I really like Jessica’s approach. She made changes within her control that while important to her were not disruptive and were low risk.

What can you do beginning today to give yourself a restart?


The Encouragement Multiplier

I’ll share a little secret with you: I really need encouragement – in challenging times and even when life is running smoothly. Maybe it’s human nature.

For me, I know that the best way to feel encouraged is to share encouragement with another person. It boosts all of those wonderful brain chemicals that make us feel empowered and connected. Even more, encouragement can be another person’s lifeline – and when you encourage one person, you start a positive ripple or virtuous circle.

What could be better than that. You boost another person, he passes it on, and you are elevated in the process.

Have a great day and encourage someone!


When Small is Fast

I will admit it, since childhood I have wanted to achieve my goals yesterday. Perhaps it’s a lack of patience or that I can get discouraged fairly easily. Whatever the cause, I wanted to accomplish my goals quickly and this led to a great deal of frustration – even though I cross the finish line more often than not.

That all said, I was looking for ways to accelerate my progress. What I found might surprise you. Friend and colleagues suggested that I acknowledge where I was and start small.  I initially objected as I thought this would make me fall behind. What I learned is that no matter how small that action, I actually achieved whatever I set out to do faster when I completed the task consistently. I also felt great which made me up my game and do a bit more.

As you set goals, determinations, and/or objectives, when you start small you will finish faster than you expect.


The Perspective Paradox

I work with a lot of people over the course of a year. It’s very interesting to see how two people in very similar circumstances can have very different networks, opportunities, and outcomes.

So what IS the difference? I have found that it has a lot to do with attitude, perspective, and most importantly, a sense of gratitude. Appreciation can positively change EVERYTHING for the better.