The Success Destroyer

Complaints are a funny thing – they can feel really great in the moment and yet can actually derail your best efforts to achieve your goals and dreams.

Here’s how it usually goes. You start with a complaint – even a minor one. It things aren’t resolved, the complaint can grow and become a bit of resentment. If the resentment isn’t resolved, it can morph into a full-fledged grudge.

Grudges (even the ones you feel totally justified having) are like roadblocks. They stop you in your tracks and prevent you from becoming successful and happy.

Have a great day,

The Inaction Success Stealer

I was meeting with a former colleague recently and he was telling me about how he wasn’t getting the support for his new venture that he expected and wanted. He and I went back and forth a number of times and I felt that something was missing. What wasn’t he telling me?

About five minutes before I needed to head back to the office, he paused and shared that there was a bigger issue behind his lack of progress. Ultimately, he was concerned that someone would steal his idea – so he didn’t want to test it anymore than he already had. He and I both knew he would never achieve his goal through inaction.

So, my former colleague decided to do a few things: 1. Protect the aspects of his idea he could – specifically registering the trademark. 2. Zoom in on the things that he uniquely brings to the idea to create a specific brand identity. 3. Take one small step to bring his idea to market a bit more than he had so far.

Action can be scary and yet long term inaction will lead to failure without the feedback to know what to do next to fix it.


The Other Side of the Obstacle

When I was in the midst of a massive (no exaggeration) obstacle, my mentor told me to work to see beyond what was in my way. He reminded me that on the other side of an obstacle is often expanded opportunity, confidence, and capacity.

Sage advice and that’s exactly what happened for me – and can happen for you.

Enjoy your day,

All or Nothing ≠ Success

I was talking to a former colleague who is awesome and often hard to work with because he is an all or nothing person. When work is good, it is excellent. On the other hand, if even one thing doesn’t go the way he thinks it should, he complains, blames others, and gets angry. You might imagine that I was sympathetic, yet not surprised when he told me that he had lost his job.

He is very competent, yet that is not enough for his co-workers and managers. They want someone who can certainly take a stand and yet is flexible and supportive around others’ missteps. After all, if we are to act like a team – we will occasionally pick up the slack for others as they do for us.

Have a good day,

Divisiveness Starts From Within

I hear again and again: that the world is divisive. Some people believe that this serious discord is caused by our institutions and if only they would change, the world would be better. At some level, those individuals are right – and it’s far from the whole story.

Organizations are made up of people, so what if each of us looks at any “disunity” inside our own heart? I have seen when the change emanates from within, the environment changes for the better.

Do it as an experiment.


You Are Better Than You Know

Each of us has an opinion of ourselves. For some it’s inflated, yet most actually discount their talents, skills, and abilities.

While I don’t recommend that you pretend to be more that you are, just be accurate. Being accurate requires that you fully share the precious value that you are. We then all benefit.

Have a great day,