Divisiveness Starts From Within

I hear again and again: that the world is divisive. Some people believe that this serious discord is caused by our institutions and if only they would change, the world would be better. At some level, those individuals are right – and it’s far from the whole story.

Organizations are made up of people, so what if each of us looks at any “disunity” inside our own heart? I have seen when the change emanates from within, the environment changes for the better.

Do it as an experiment.


“Get To” Success

I was walking around the other day thinking to myself – “I have to do this and I have to do that”. Ugh!. I was exhausted just thinking about all that needed to accomplish that day.

Then, I remembered something my friend, Vicki, told me years ago. “It’s not a have to do, but a get to do.” When I shifted my perspective, I perked up, dove in, and completed what I hoped for and more. While this approach isn’t magic, it may my day so much better. Perhaps it could do the same for yours.

Have a great day,

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes we put effort into building solid relationships and nothing seems to change. At those times, it’s easy to blame others and even question whether what you are doing is worth it.

Of course, honor how you are feeling and then move on. Take a look at yourself and where do you have the opportunity to improve how you approach other with respect, appreciation, and compassion.

In the end, the vast majority of the time – it IS worth it.


Don’t Ruin Your Day

Getting to work yesterday was an “adventure”. While we have had a mild winter (so glad), yesterday was a series of mini blizzards. Whiteout conditions. My trip took nearly 2 hours versus the usually 35-40 minutes. We were bumper to bumper almost the entire trip.

On top of this, I had a few technical issue with my laptop.

As I started to get frustrated with by my discombobulated day. I paused and refused to let myself ruin my day. So I made a list of the good stuff:

  • A wonderfully supportive team at work
  • Excellent CTA drivers
  • I finally got to wear my heavy duty snow boots
  • And many more things too numerous to write in this short post

Needless to say, I ended up having a really good day and shifting my perspective was key in making that possible.

Enjoy your day,

Make the Most Out of Your Golden Opportunities

I was working with two people recently who have very similar backgrounds and experience, yet very different results. The other interesting factor is that they have access to many of the same people.

So what is the difference? The one who does well attributes it to luck and the person who had less than stellar results believes that most people are selfish and lack generosity. I would suggest that they neither is actually accurate.

While luck and selfish people may come into play, I see two other factors that have an even stronger impact. They are preparation and (most important) total focus on the other person. When we want someone to help us, that individual needs to be able to trust us and feel valued. If you start there, your results and “luck” will grow.

Have a good day,

Find Your Fans for Success

I have a friend who chases down people who don’t want to engage with him and tries to convince them to change their minds. While I understand it’s important to address negative feedback, I believe putting too much time, resources, and energy can lead to frustration, disappointment, and less than stellar outcomes.

So what is an alternative to my friend’s approach?

After you self-reflect on any critical feedback and come up with a plan to address this, I suggest that you devote a solid chunk of your time and energy to expanding the relationships with people you value and who value you.

Find and cultivate your fans and you likely will increase your success and happiness.

Have a good,

Transform Your Weakest Link

I welcome compassionate, critical feedback that is constructive. That said, I know that I’m not alone with this – I don’t like to be judged.

While this is all well and good, my dislike of being judged could become my limitation / my weakest link. Think of the implications for both of us – of the ginormous list of things never attempted and the loss of the good things you and I can do for the world.

I am working on finding the value in the judgment and see what I learn and make my life even better. Oh yes, and I notice when I judge others (and stop doing it!)

Have a good day,