The Perspective Paradox

I work with a lot of people over the course of a year. It’s very interesting to see how two people in very similar circumstances can have very different networks, opportunities, and outcomes.

So what IS the difference? I have found that it has a lot to do with attitude, perspective, and most importantly, a sense of gratitude. Appreciation can positively change EVERYTHING for the better.



Your Smallest Actions Can Make a Difference

We live in a world that can feel divisive and not kindness friendly, Consequently, it’s very easy to feel discouraged and believe the problems are completely beyond our control.

Yet, you can influence your immediate environment with a smile, encouraging word, or action of generosity. In doing so, you become part of a bigger solution – which can positively ripple out beyond what you can imagine.

Keep taking those babysteps. Each one counts!!

Enjoy your day,

When Being Generous Isn’t Convenient

When I looked up generous in an online dictionary – kind and magnanimous were key aspects of the definition. Even though these are two things I aspire to be, it’s not always easy or convenient. What if the other person isn’t kind and magnanimous toward me (or people I care about)? What is the other person is down right rude or nasty?

While it’s important to use good judgement in all situations, being generous is a way of being – not a gift given to only those few who treat you “perfectly”. So in each situation you face, see how you can lead with a generous heart. By the way, I would start with sharing that generosity with yourself.

Have a great day,

Attitudes Are Contagious – What Are You Catching?

I have been reading a book for a work assignment and the author talked about how attitudes, emotions, and feelings are contagious. While this makes perfect sense, I never really thought about it in quite that way.

After a bit of reflection, I remembered two things:

The people closest to you shape your life. So, choose carefully and know that you may have to remove individuals from your life if their influence is taking you in a direction that is unhealthy or worse.

You shape other people’s lives. You words can encourage, inspire, and motivate or crush the other person. So be kind, compassionate, and sometimes strict. You owe it to yourself and the other person.

Have a great day,

Turning Stagnation into Greater Success

It’s a funny thing about stagnation. It doesn’t wave its hands, jump up and down, and let you know what’s happening. Lack of progress just creeps up on you in tiny and then bigger ways. It can show up as a lack of energy, lower commitment to whatever you are doing, and even complaining.

So what is a person to do? There are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Zero in on something that increases your energy when you do it. Align it to how and where you spend you time.
  • Decide if your goals are still meaningful to you. Do you still want to achieve them?
  • If you notice yourself complaining about others (or even yourself), STOP!. Then find one thing you value about yourself, the other person, and/or your current circumstances and act on it.

This can reverse a downward trend and help you create positive momentum.

Have a good day,

Success = A Unified Purpose

I was working with someone yesterday who is not getting the traction that he wants – and he is a talented, competent, and engaging person. As we talked, it became clear to me that he doesn’t have a solid direction. As a result, he sets a new goals nearly every week and his progress is fleeting at best.

In the end, he agreed to take a step back and explore the thread, theme, and why of his ambition. With this understanding, we are both confident he will accelerate his growth, advancement, and success.

So if you aren’t making the progress you would really like, what action can you take today to begin to build your unifying purpose?


The Success Destroyer

Complaints are a funny thing – they can feel really great in the moment and yet can actually derail your best efforts to achieve your goals and dreams.

Here’s how it usually goes. You start with a complaint – even a minor one. It things aren’t resolved, the complaint can grow and become a bit of resentment. If the resentment isn’t resolved, it can morph into a full-fledged grudge.

Grudges (even the ones you feel totally justified having) are like roadblocks. They stop you in your tracks and prevent you from becoming successful and happy.

Have a great day,

Divisiveness Starts From Within

I hear again and again: that the world is divisive. Some people believe that this serious discord is caused by our institutions and if only they would change, the world would be better. At some level, those individuals are right – and it’s far from the whole story.

Organizations are made up of people, so what if each of us looks at any “disunity” inside our own heart? I have seen when the change emanates from within, the environment changes for the better.

Do it as an experiment.


“Get To” Success

I was walking around the other day thinking to myself – “I have to do this and I have to do that”. Ugh!. I was exhausted just thinking about all that needed to accomplish that day.

Then, I remembered something my friend, Vicki, told me years ago. “It’s not a have to do, but a get to do.” When I shifted my perspective, I perked up, dove in, and completed what I hoped for and more. While this approach isn’t magic, it may my day so much better. Perhaps it could do the same for yours.

Have a great day,

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes we put effort into building solid relationships and nothing seems to change. At those times, it’s easy to blame others and even question whether what you are doing is worth it.

Of course, honor how you are feeling and then move on. Take a look at yourself and where do you have the opportunity to improve how you approach other with respect, appreciation, and compassion.

In the end, the vast majority of the time – it IS worth it.