Courageous Action

I was with a group of friends yesterday and one person (a cool friend) was sharing how she has a BIG goal – so big it’s scary. She questioned whether she was too afraid to take actions toward her goal.

While this surprised me, I kept listening. As she was describing her “less than bold” actions, I was more and more inspired by her. Her actions are clearly based on her purpose, leverage her strengths, and ARE courageous. By the way,size and speed really do not matter.

Way to go, Susie!!!!

Have a great day,


How to Remain Undefeated

It’s always exciting when our favorite team is undefeated. Yet, to me, the more important consideration is how you, me, and each person on earth can remain undefeated in this lifetime?

Some people believe that never having a defeat is impossible. I would disagree. Pause and remember what “undefeated” actually means. It is not that you never have a setback, obstacle, or even a failure. It really means not quitting, giving up, or giving in to doubt, fear, or discouragement.

Defeat begins in your mind and so does winning. You get to choose.

Have a great day,

What’s Right in Front of You

I was with a group of friends recently. There was a lot of complaining about the state of the world, how big the problems are, and the impossible nature change. As I was about to get sucked into this vortex of negativity, I made myself pause and say a few things. “Guys,” I said. “Could we go down a different track? My mentor says this again and again, ‘Who is right in front of you? Help that person!’ This might not seem like a big deal, it is. Start with one and go from there.”

While there might have been some eye rolls, I felt better – and it was a reminder to me that when I feel I can’t make a difference, it’s just not true. See the person in front of you and smile and wave, say thank you, or go out for coffee and listen more than you speak.

Enjoy the day,

Self-Generated Motivation

It’s a funny thing about motivation, you don’t often notice how motivated you are until your motivation goes down or even stops.

So how can you prevent these lapses in forward motion? It’s simple, even if not easy:

  • Know why you want to achieve a specific goal. Pile on the reasons now as you will likely need them later.
  • Take actions that are big enough to be interesting and absolutely doable regardless of your time, energy, and commitments.
  • Count everything you start, complete, and take off your plate as a win.

With this as a solid beginning, you can start and keep your momentum going. Then your motivation is self-generating and self-sustaining.

Have a great day,

Have an Undefeated Heart

I was thinking about the difference between people who succeed and those who do not.

While there are many factors, I believe one of the biggest is whether or not you give up.

I have seen people who have everything going for them and when one thing doesn’t go their way, they quit. On the other hand, I meet individuals who face obstacle after obstacle – and have every “reason” to give up and don’t. Instead, they create victory in the end. Success starts and ends in their heart.

Make YOUR heart undefeatable.

Have a great day,


If You Expect Too Little, DON’T!

It’s a very funny thing about expectations.

If you set them too low – for yourself and/or others – the limits you place will reduce your outcomes, opportunities, and confidence. In many ways, expectations become the type of self-fulfilling prophecy you don’t want to have.

So, set expectations of yourself and other that are a stretch. When you reach them, go bigger!

Enjoy the ride,

Boldly and Successfully Authentic

One of the most difficult thing that you do is be authentic. It takes tremendous courage – and you can’t fake it, at least not for very long.

So do yourself a favor, be more of yourself – at least a bit each day. You will advance more quickly and those of us around you will reap the rewards of knowing the real you.

Go boldly,