Challenge the Challenge

Challenges are an interesting thing. On the one hand, they can motivate, inspire, and take us beyond any self-imposed limitations. On the other hand, they can be scary – at least they are for me.

Let me give you an example: I have been working on a second book and last week I met with my coach – who is wise, encouraging, and positively prescriptive. I agreed to send her a draft of the book and the slide deck I use in my class on the same topic. All I needed to do what create a short email and attach the files, yet I didn’t do it. More than a week passed and I continued to procrastinate. I shared this with a colleague who kindly, compassionately, and without judgment nudged me to walk through the challenge and send the files – which I did. Thanks, Katie!

As you can probably tell, challenges come in many shapes and sizes and what will stop one person might not even phase another. So the next time you face a challenge that slows you down, take even a tiny step and ask for help. I did and now I am on to the next phase of getting my book ready for publication.

Have a great day,


Make the Most of Beginnings

Even though starting something can be more than a little scary, I find it the most exciting, motivating, and fun part of a project, assignment, or new program development. Perhaps it’s because “everything” is possible, hopeful, and inspiring.

The beginning is the perfect time to build your body of evidence on why you want to complete the goal at hand, what you hope to gain, and how you make a positive impact on others and yourself. It is essential to accumulate this “data” when it’s top of mind, fresh, and clear.

Believe me you will need this information as a reminder when you feel challenged, discouraged, or even bored with your goal. You can use it to bolster your courage, tenacity, and heart!

Enjoy your day,

The Waste of Worry

Life’s too short for worrying. Yes, that’s what worries me – Anonymous

So what if you refused to worry about anything today? Just think about it.

Constant preoccupation with a problem is self-defeating.  Instead of worrying, focus on ways to solve any challenges at hand.  What can you do today, even for 5 minutes? Taking action will give you a sense of control and a shot of self-confidence.

Have a confident day,

The Answer is: Encourage Someone NOW!

Whenever I find myself down, I tend to default to self-absorption and even wallowing. While this can feel better in the moment, it doesn’t really help at all.

What I have come to realize is that if I pause a moment and think about who I can help – doing so brightens my day and gives me hope. This creates a positive spiral which benefits me and those around me.

Have a great day,

Be a Benefit

Be a benefit to those you see and talk to.

Certainly do not sacrifice yourself or be untrue to what you believe in. However, do focus on the good in each person and circumstance – and share the good in you with others.

With that in mind, you will be a benefit in others’ lives – guaranteed. And the benefits to you will be enormous.

Thank you,

Appreciative at First Sight

Ever look at the people you come into contact with and only notice their flaws – a few extra pounds, a missing button, or a squeaky voice. For the next 48 hours, put a new filter on your “sight” so that what you see first and foremost is each person’s internal and external strengths, beauty, and goodness.

Have a great day,

Getting Unstuck

What do you do when you feel stuck?

My usual MO is to push and push and attempt to “figure out” the problem, write down a whole bunch of possible solutions, and create a list of the resources I need to “make things happen”.

While this approach often does work, not always. In fact, sometimes the more I push and plan and strategize – the most stuck I feel. That’s when I give up – not quit, but give up my idea of how things “should” work out.

Have a great day,

Unblocking Kindness

Kindness is an easy thing to share in theory, but quite another thing in reality.

Fear, greed, and ignorance can be powerful barriers to sharing our loving kindness. “What if the other person rejects me?” “If I give to him will there be enough for me?” “What could I possibly give to her?”

Yet getting beyond those obstacles will yield considerable rewards to you and others. So go out and share your kindness. Start small and enjoy the benefits..


Worth Doing?

Ever do a great job on something and then not receive any acknowledgement for a job well done?

While sometimes recognition is not part of the culture, it could be something else. Was your project worth doing in the first place? Did it contribute to a goal valued by your organization?

If not, no matter how well you do something if it’s not worth doing, it likely will never be rewarded.

So what project or activity could you work on next that is valued by you and your organization? Proceed with care, commitment, and capability.

Have a great day,

Errors as Teachers

Your past can help you predict your future, but not 100%.

However many people believe this, many live their lives as if their past dictates the future, and use worry to guide them.  Yet happiness is not found this way.

While past “errors” can be teachers, make them compassionate ones that allow you to grow, advance, and yes – even learn from a few more mistakes along the way.

So today, choose one goal that makes the most of your strengths that your have developed through both your successes and challenges.

Have a great day,