Are You Stalling?

Do you ever find that you really want to move ahead, but you aren’t doing what needs to get done?

Hectic schedules can be a good “excuse”, but there’s usually more to it. Fear, doubt, and/or not seeing a clear pathway could be underlying reasons. Yet there are solutions.

First, decide that you really want to do the thing that is stalled. Second, recommit to it. Third, find things that you are willing to do and feel capable of completing. Finally, move at the pace that feels comfortable for you. Then being stalled will become a thing of the past.

Act even a little today,



Unblocking Kindness

Kindness is an easy thing to share in theory, but quite another thing in reality.

Fear, greed, and ignorance can be powerful barriers to sharing our loving kindness. “What if the other person rejects me?” “If I give to him will there be enough for me?” “What could I possibly give to her?”

Yet getting beyond those obstacles will yield considerable rewards to you and others. So go out and share your kindness. Start small and enjoy the benefits..


The Real Opportunity

Ever finish a goal and feel a little let down?

It’s not a big surprise because most of what brings true value to your life is the learning process itself. While goals help motivate you to advance, the endless learning process provides opportunities to feel competent, confident, and successful.

So what will you learn today?

Have a great day,

“Right” Time Decision Making

Think it’s time to move on from a job or relationship?

If it’s not clear to you, here’s one strategy that virtually always works.

Do your very best where you are in ways where you add value and harmony to yourself and the team. Doing a great job doesn’t block but only increases your ability to know if and when the right time comes to move on.

So do you best and reap of the rewards of greater confidence, sense of purpose, and wisdom.

Thank you,

Masters of Winning

Want to learn a new skill?

Find people who have already developed the skill you want to master. Learn about them and even ready biographies and autobiographies of people who excel and win in their lives – on their own terms.

Notice how they developed specific skills, themselves, and their character. What can you learn from their lives and apply to your own?

Have a great day,

Errors as Teachers

Your past can help you predict your future, but not 100%.

However many people believe this, many live their lives as if their past dictates the future, and use worry to guide them.  Yet happiness is not found this way.

While past “errors” can be teachers, make them compassionate ones that allow you to grow, advance, and yes – even learn from a few more mistakes along the way.

So today, choose one goal that makes the most of your strengths that your have developed through both your successes and challenges.

Have a great day,

Finding Success in a Different Direction

Is everyone running in a particular direction in your field or profession?

Opportunities are rarely created when everyone flocks in a common direction. You could head in a different direction – one where the rewards outweigh the risk.

Where do you see opportunities that others could be missing? Explore them and act. As you proceed, understand the possibilities and use them to gain experience, interest, and expert visibility.


Your Real Assets

Are you an analytical problem-solver? In many professions, this can be a real asset. Yet in daily life, your ability to see what’s wrong with a situation can actually wear you down.

Each time you find something that doesn’t work, you could get stuck there – feeling like a deer caught in the headlights.

Now this doesn’t suggest that you cast aside those analytical problem-solving skills. Just use them to move any obstacles out of your way. Then you can proceed freely, clearly, and re-energized.

Have a great day,

Where Change is Possible

The present is the place where change is possible. But it’s tempting to peek to the future or look over your shoulder to review the past. Yet to do so, could likely make you less effective overall and dissatisfied with whatever you are doing right now no matter how terrific it is.

So practice staying in the present for at least 5 minutes each day. The potential rewards are enormous, so stay here long enough to receive them.

Have a great weekend,

Professionally Private

In the workplace, some people keep everything personal about them private. Yet others share every intimate detail of their personal lives. While what is appropriate varies widely from one organization to another, ultimately you will need to make that call. Choose a level of familiarity that feels fitting for your personality and the environment in which you work. So what can you do to reach the right balance for you today?