Professionally Private

In the workplace, some people keep everything personal about them private. Yet others share every intimate detail of their personal lives. While what is appropriate varies widely from one organization to another, ultimately you will need to make that call. Choose a level of familiarity that feels fitting for your personality and the environment in which you work. So what can you do to reach the right balance for you today?



Invest in You

When you wisely invest in a building, business, or other venture, the value of that investment will likely go up. The same is true of you.

When was the last time you invested in you? Perhaps it was yesterday, last week, or even years ago. So how can you invest in yourself right now?

Just like that business or building, when you invest in yourself wisely your value will increase in ways that will pleasantly surprise you.

Have a great day,

Action Speaks Volumes

What do you believe in? What values are most important to you? If your friends and colleagues were asked what you stand for, how would they reply?

You will likely be measured not by depth of your beliefs stated in words, but by the action you take because of them.

So today, what small step can you take that shows the world what you stand for? After you’ve thought about it, do it.

Thank you,

The Possible Versus the “Impossible”

Make a list of the big and small things that are on your mind. Now break the list into #1 – those things you feel that you can do something about and #2 – those things you feel are out of your control.

For list #1, decide what you are willing to begin doing today.

For list #2, consult with a close friend, partner, or colleague and ask him or her what you might be able to do to advance those seemingly impossible goals. Ask for assistance in seeing what is can do starting now, given your current circumstances.

By focusing on what you can do, you will achieve success which you can build on from the present moment into the future.

Much success,

Punctuate with Action

It is terrific to say wonderfully inspiring things, yet without the action to back it up – no one will take you seriously. This is true at work, in relationships of all kinds, and especially with children. So if you want your words to have a positive impact, punctuate them with deeds that show your commitment, courage, and character. Begin today.

Have a great day,

Best Buddies

Who brings out the best in you?

Many people might call themselves your friend, but which really are? The ones who prefer to see you stay the same and not advance are not really friends. Your true friends are inspired, not threatened by your talents, achievements, and signs of greatness. They encourage you to go after your dreams and cheer you on when you succeed. Thank them by encouraging them to do the same.

Enjoy your day,

Success Fuel

I am the first to admit this – when an obstacle arises in my life, I freak out – if only for a moment.

In that moment, I may think I am failing.

As long as I take a step back and see the obstacle for what it is – a challenge to my sense of worth, courage, and confidence, I am usually able to rise to the occasion. In the moment I make the decision to overcome the challenge, it instantly becomes fuel for my success and happiness.

You can do the same.


Advanced Gratitude

Gratitude has levels – just like about anything worthwhile doing in life. It’s totally fine to start at the beginner level. In fact, it’s great to do that, so you have a solid foundation from now and into the future.

So here are beginner and advanced levels of gratitude:

Beginner Gratitude: This is the stage where you are able to say “thank you”, see the many resources within your life, and where you may even keep a gratitude journal. This is all good stuff and a wonderful place to start. Even after you get really good at at the beginner gratitude level, keep doing it AND move to the advanced level.

Advanced Gratitude: This is the stage where you can feel appreciation for someone you might not like, may make you angry, and you may even want this person to FAIL. In situations like this, you may have to dig really deep, go beyond the desire to be “right” above all, and find one thing you value about this “no so great” person. When you are able to do this, you grow and a world of opportunities will open up to you. This is the realm of breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.

Just start where you are and whether beginner or advanced, your actions are making the world a more appreciative place.

Thank you,

A Little Scared Actually Helps

Many people want to make all fear go away – so far away that it never returns.

I actually believe that a little fear or nervousness can be a good thing. For me, it keeps me on my toes – so I don’t become complacent when I am doing something I have done many times. The bit of fear gives me an edge, increases my commitment, and motivates me to learn, grow, and do better than the last time.

Of course, don’t let fear immobilize you. That would be terrible. Instead, use being a little scared to increase your expectations of yourself and deliver at a higher level.


Have a great day,


The Restart

I was meeting with Jessica (a new friend) recently, who had experienced a series of setbacks that left her discouraged, frustrated, and apathetic. It’s very difficult to move ahead from a place like that, let alone achieve the goals that she wanted to accomplish.

Jessica decided to give herself a restart and while, she couldn’t begin with a totally clean slate, she was able to do the following:

Removed from her schedule anything she didn’t want to do any longer that didn’t require her action.

Attended a clothing swap where she traded her old clothing for a brand new wardrobe and a uptake in confidence.

Signed up for a class she had wanted to take as a first step toward a potential new career.

I really like Jessica’s approach. She made changes within her control that while important to her were not disruptive and were low risk.

What can you do beginning today to give yourself a restart?