Success Engagement

If you are like me, you find something you want to learn about and dive deeply into finding the person who can help you. My enthusiasm can take over and I need to remind myself that the person is an actual human being – way more than just a conduit to the resources and information I want and need.

When you authentically demonstrate that you value the other person – with care, respect, and appreciation – your opportunities can expand exponentially and you will feel wonderful in the process.

Have a great day,


The Power of Upside Down Gratitude

I find it super easy to thank individuals for good stuff like – happy times, compliments, and wonderful people. Who wouldn’t, right?

Yet, there is another untapped area of good things. This is the power of upside down gratitude. Upside down gratitude is the value you can find in the not-so-positive and embrace it as crucial to your success and happiness. This requires courage, commitment, and a desire to take the lessons and leverage this for your greater good and the best for others.


Be a Comeback Genius

I will say upfront my extracurricular activities tend to go more toward books that sports. In fact, my alma mater, the University of Chicago, didn’t even have a football team that was much more than a “club” team.

So for those who know me, you might be surprised that I watched the Super Bowl. Well, I watched and I am VERY glad I did.

What a comeback story – one from which we can learn a lot:

  • Leadership under pressure. How would you react if you were down by more than three touchdowns with only have the game left? Many would give up, but not Brady. He kept going, putting everything on the line, and getting the rest of the team to believe a win was possible.
  • Not letting time be the deciding factor. The Patriots kept going, knowing that there had never been an overtime in a Super Bowl. Well, now there has been.
  • Finding a bit more determination, tenacity, and guts. When it looks like the tides had turned against Brady and the team, they stayed in the game – clearly with their heads and hearts.

There are many other things you can learn about being a comeback genius from Super Bowl LI. Just don’t find them, put them into action in your own life.

Have a great day,

Say “Yes And” for Greater Success

“But” is a often used word, especially if you want to look agreeable while criticizing whatever is on the table. If you listen to others’ words, the word “but” will show up shockingly often.

So why is this a problem you may wonder? “But” is a stopper word. No matter what else you may say, “but” negates everything that comes before it. For example, “I like your idea, but . . ..” Contrast this with “I like your idea and . . .” The first one can be viewed as lacking positive acknowledgement and holding lots of criticism – shutting down dialogue.. The second shows you value what the person is saying and you made have suggestions on how to make it even better – which lends itself to collaboration and a potentially stronger relationship.

Something to think about.

Enjoy your day,

Are You Giving Your Best?

It’s easy to write out your goal, get really excited about it, and then consciously or unconsciously not give it your all. This is not a criticism, but an observation I see myself do  – and many others as well.

While there may be many reasons for this, the biggest one is a fear of failure – with the notion (perhaps erroneous) that you can’t REALLY fail if you hold back. So, here’s what I do: I scale back my goal in the short term to build a series of smaller successes to get me to my bigger goal (sometimes faster than expected.)

Set yourself up to win – and you will increase your chances.

Have a good day,

If You’re Not Breaking Through . . .

Have you been working on a goal and not making the progress you hope? Do you feel you have been making every effort and zero benefits?

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you all in or are you splitting your attention among a variety of goals? If this is the case, you could be dissipating your time, energy, and other resources. So focus.
  • Could you be feeling any resentment today any people, organizations, or circumstances? If yes, immediately find at least one thing you appreciate. Please do this or you could be stuck forever.

Have a great day,

Unhelpful or Helpful?

I have this tendency – to allow myself to be swayed by people and situations that could be perceived as negative. The operative phrase here is “could be perceived as negative”. Not actually negative, but my attitude makes me feel that it’s a foregone conclusion.

So, I am taking a different approach these days. Instead of embracing the potentially negative side of a person or situation, I am asking myself if my perspective  is helpful or unhelpful. If my take is encouraging me to take value-creating action, then I keep it. If not, then I choose to shift.

Have a great day,