The High Probability Win

I am in favor of really BIG, AUDACIOUS goals. You should definitely want to achieve them and know why your goals are important to you. This gives you a solid foundation from which to excel.

That said, I truly believe that the actions you decide to take to move you toward your goals should be absolutely doable. The actual size will depend on where you start. Bottom line is that you can execute any action with the talents, time, and motivation you have at the moment. If you can’t, then make the step smaller and smaller and smaller if that’s what it takes.

Set up yourself to win again and again and again. Then all of your “within reach” steps will accelerate your growth, success, and happiness.

Enjoy your day.

If There Are Too Many to Choose

Oh my gosh! There are so many ideas, projects, and options where you can put your time, focus, and resources of all kinds. How can a person decide what to choose? I know, at times,  my head will start to spin by all of the possibilities. Yet, I hate to say “no” to anything out of a fear of missing out.

That all said, I have learned to streamline the options so I can move ahead. Here are the three criteria I personally use:

  • How important is this idea, project, option to me? How does it align with my personal values and purpose?
  • Can I succeed with the skills, talents, and knowledge I have (or could develop)?
  • Will it be fun?

While these may not be your criteria, be sure to have some. Then, you can put your time and effort where you will have the payback and satisfaction.

Whatever you do, don’t delay. You could miss the opportunity and the good stuff that goes along with it.


Select for Success

I know I am afraid to make a decision when I search and search and search for the “right” answer. This is the point when my creativity kicks in (not in the most productive way) and I come up with possibility after possibility – which actually serves to reduce my certainty about any specific idea.

What I have come to realize is that sometimes I just need to select something – knowing that no answer is perfect. Yet a good idea or path that is acted on is WAY better than more hours, months, or years of brainstorming with no decision in sight.

Enjoy your day,

Getting Out of the Dumps

It’s a funny thing. There are days when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I feel unsettled. At those times, there are no people or circumstances troubling me. It’s all internal. In many ways, it’s simple to change since it’s up to me. Yet simple and easy are not the same. It takes courage, commitment, and desire to move ahead.

In the end, it really only takes one babystep to shift everything. Thank goodness for that.

Enjoy your day,

Hitting the Reset Button

I was having lunch with a close friend recently and we were both talking about wanting a boost of learning, innovation, and contribution in our lives. While we are each very different, one thing is clear – the shift must start from within. With even a tiny bit of inner transformation, your world can change for the better. Yet even a HUGE bunch of wishing other people and the environment will change to your liking, it just won’t happen.

So, if you want to create a positive shift in your life, look inside and see what teeny tiny thing can be changed as a next step. That will be a wonderful start.

Enjoy your day,

Success Stretchers

It’s very interesting about the most powerful success stretchers. Much of the time, they are human beings. These people are often not the ones who cheer us on, think we are brilliant, and make us feel totally valued. While it’s essential and wonderful to have these kind of people in our lives, they can only take us so far.

The success stretchers I’m talking about are the individuals who often annoying, challenge everything we say, and share their negativity early, often, and without even being asked. I recently met with someone who meets all of the criteria. Wow – what a workout! Yet, I welcome the opportunity to work with this person as he makes me focus, be present with him (at all times), and forces me to bring my best self to every meeting we have.

I would go so far as to say “THANK YOU!!!” to this individual. I am better at what I do today because of him.

Have a great day,

When Being Right is Wrong

I was listening to a program recently and the speaker talked about how being right can actually be a bad thing. My first reaction was “how could that be”? In a world where having the right idea, approach, or solution can lead to greater levels of success – it seemed the speaker made a mistake. That said, I realized if I stopped listened I might fall into the “needing to be right” trap.

So I listened (actually carefully) to the speaker. What he said, made a lot of sense to me.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Advice based on what you believe is right, even if well-intentioned, can derail a conversation and a whole relationship.
  • While being right may make you feel superior, at its core are arrogance and insecurity.
  • Be open to having your mind changed, not out of backing away – but out of incorporating new knowledge that could be useful.

The speaker left me with even more to contemplate – perhaps your mind will be led to deeper thinking on this topic, too.

Enjoy your day,