Be a Benefit

Be a benefit to those you see and talk to.

Certainly do not sacrifice yourself or be untrue to what you believe in. However, do focus on the good in each person and circumstance – and share the good in you with others.

With that in mind, you will be a benefit in others’ lives – guaranteed. And the benefits to you will be enormous.

Thank you,


Respect and Honoring

The next time you walk down the street pay attention to the people you see.

Are you concentrating more on how each individual is different than you or more on how they are the same?

Whatever you focus on will transform your environment. Decide how you want it to be. Consider a balanced approach – see each person’s humanity while respecting and honoring their differences. What’s one way you can do this today?

Enjoy your day,

Appreciative at First Sight

Ever look at the people you come into contact with and only notice their flaws – a few extra pounds, a missing button, or a squeaky voice. For the next 48 hours, put a new filter on your “sight” so that what you see first and foremost is each person’s internal and external strengths, beauty, and goodness.

Have a great day,

Courage: Pass It On

People are feeling challenged by many things today and many aren’t sure if it’s even worth doing anything to change their circumstances.

Often deep down inside, they see the value of transforming their situation, but lack the courage to do much about it. That’s where you come in.

First, give others your full attention and listen with your whole heart. Second, find ways to respect the other person’s life. And third, from that respective, share stories that show how others have done what they want to do.

As you encourage and inspire the other person, watch what happens to you.


Are You Intimidated by Your Goals?

It was once said, “The ocean is made of drops.” So are your dreams.

If there is something that you really desire but are intimidated by, all that stands between you and your dream.

Realize that you control the pace. You can take lots of steps or just a few at a time. It’s all up to you. Either way, you will make progress as long as you exert yourself each and every day.

Enjoy your progress today,

The Power of a Little Hope

Do you usually have hope?

Sometimes circumstances can hide hope under a cloak of doubt and fear, yet it’s always there if you look for it. There are hopeful stories everywhere – even in the midst of challenge, tragedy, and sadness.

The next time you need a little hope, ask for it when you self-reflect, pray, or meditate. Then listen. Your answer will likely show up in the voice of a friend, family member, colleague, or stranger.


“My Situation is Different”

“I just want you know that my situation is different,” said Todd when he walked into my office. “What works for the other people you see just won’t work for me.”

When people say this, they often FEAR that this is true, yet it rarely is.

So the next time you lament that a current challenge is too big for the tools and strategies that helped you in the past pause. Start by looking at the fear and list at least six ways that you could handle things more effectively.

Enjoy your day,

Relationship: Renew or Cancel?

Friendship, love, and even working relationships last when they become a story built on shared experiences, memories, and a belief that “we’re in this together.”

Stories are the glue of relationships. They are an opportunity to look at your (personal or work) life with another person and decide, with confidence, that the story should have a sequel.

So think of a relationship that could use a new chapter, record your memories, and decide how you would like this story to evolve into the future.

Have a great day,

Success Starts with Your Questions

What questions do you ask yourself?

Are they things like, “How could I have done such a stupid thing?” Or are they more like, “What will help me be happy today and help others do the same?”

Your brain will answer either type of question and you’ll likely get lots of answers.

So form your questions so that they give you greater courage, confidence, and compassion.

Enjoy your day,

Better Decisions with Ease

Want to make better decisions no matter what the context?

Make them from a sense of peace. If you make big and “scary” decisions from fear, the outcomes will also be packed with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.

So they next time you have a big or small decision to make, take steps to make yourself comfortable and filled with peace. Some people meditate or take warm baths, while others gather lots of information. Do what works for you. Then the peace you find in the decision making process will be carried into whatever you choose to do.

Have a great day,