12000 Volts of Encouragement

While recovering in the hospital after being crushed by an elevator, I met an extraordinary man. Melvin’s both arms and legs had been burned off after 12000 volts of electricity went through his body.

During an interview for a local cable show I wondered how he kept up his own spirits. “Anita,” he told me, “I was feeling really sorry for myself just this morning. I momentarily wished I had died. I stopped myself and wheeled myself down the hall to cheer up someone else. I made his day and that made my day.”

So the next time you are feeling sorry for yourself, pick up the phone or walk down the hall or street and say hello to someone who could just need to hear from you. You’ll likely make her day and yours in the process.

Enjoy your day,


Better Decisions with Ease

Want to make better decisions no matter what the context?

Make them from a sense of peace. If you make big and “scary” decisions from fear, the outcomes will also be packed with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.

So they next time you have a big or small decision to make, take steps to make yourself comfortable and filled with peace. Some people meditate or take warm baths, while others gather lots of information. Do what works for you. Then the peace you find in the decision making process will be carried into whatever you choose to do.

Have a great day,

The 10-15% Solution

Do you sometimes put things off until the last minute and then nearly crash and burn to get the task done on time?

Many procrastinators underestimate the time required, but there is another way.

As soon as you take on a new project or assignment, complete at 10-15% of it early on. Then you can estimate how long the whole project will likely take and set an appropriate pace. This will give you a better perspective, more freedom, and greater peace of mind.

Have a great day,


Masters of Winning

Want to learn a new skill?

Find people who have already developed the skill you want to master. Learn about them and even ready biographies and autobiographies of people who excel and win in their lives – on their own terms.

Notice how they developed specific skills, themselves, and their character. What can you learn from their lives and apply to your own?

Have a great day,

Finding Success in a Different Direction

Is everyone running in a particular direction in your field or profession?

Opportunities are rarely created when everyone flocks in a common direction. You could head in a different direction – one where the rewards outweigh the risk.

Where do you see opportunities that others could be missing? Explore them and act. As you proceed, understand the possibilities and use them to gain experience, interest, and expert visibility.


Take a Fresh Start

Ever have your day start with a frustrating event – the kind of thing that makes you want to go home and hide under the covers?

While those things need to be taken care of, often people also want a fresh start. So why not build them in?

Schedule an automatic “fresh start” into your calendar each day. At the scheduled time, close your eyes and recall your real purpose.

Then you can go back to work with the perspective of a new day.

Have a great day,

Too Simple for Success?

Ever hear of something that seemed too simple to work so you promptly reject it only to later realize that it was absolutely true?

People like to make things complicated and sometimes discard what could help them a lot.

So the next time you learn of something that seems too simple, before you reject it test it out. Then decide.

Have a great day,

Invest in You

When you wisely invest in a building, business, or other venture, the value of that investment will likely go up. The same is true of you.

When was the last time you invested in you? Perhaps it was yesterday, last week, or even years ago. So how can you invest in yourself right now?

Just like that business or building, when you invest in yourself wisely your value will increase in ways that will pleasantly surprise you.

Have a great day,

Are You the Next Lego?

Do you ever get discouraged and consider giving up on something that you desire? Virtually every successful person has considered quitting at one point or another.

There’s a whole army of people, “the faultfinders,” who would love to see you give up. They may attempt to convince you that your goals aren’t worth the effort. They may push you to quit.

Your best defense is a clear understanding of why your goals and dreams are important to you. So if one of “the faultfinders” comes to your door, you’ll be prepared. Tell them to go away. As you close the door, let them know that Disney and Lego were considered foolish ventures doomed to failure.

Have a great day,

Your 4-Minute Mile

Once it was believed that no human being could run a 4-minute mile (let alone anything faster than that.) The barrier was broken decades ago by someone who didn’t believe in this arbitrary constraint.

So what is the “4-minute mile” in your life? Where have you placed limitations on your own potential? You, too, can break through the invisible barriers holding you back. What small step can you take today to begin “training”?

Have a wonderful day,