Hitting the Reset Button

I was having lunch with a close friend recently and we were both talking about wanting a boost of learning, innovation, and contribution in our lives. While we are each very different, one thing is clear – the shift must start from within. With even a tiny bit of inner transformation, your world can change for the better. Yet even a HUGE bunch of wishing other people and the environment will change to your liking, it just won’t happen.

So, if you want to create a positive shift in your life, look inside and see what teeny tiny thing can be changed as a next step. That will be a wonderful start.

Enjoy your day,

Success Stretchers

It’s very interesting about the most powerful success stretchers. Much of the time, they are human beings. These people are often not the ones who cheer us on, think we are brilliant, and make us feel totally valued. While it’s essential and wonderful to have these kind of people in our lives, they can only take us so far.

The success stretchers I’m talking about are the individuals who often annoying, challenge everything we say, and share their negativity early, often, and without even being asked. I recently met with someone who meets all of the criteria. Wow – what a workout! Yet, I welcome the opportunity to work with this person as he makes me focus, be present with him (at all times), and forces me to bring my best self to every meeting we have.

I would go so far as to say “THANK YOU!!!” to this individual. I am better at what I do today because of him.

Have a great day,

Limit Your Limiting

Who can say how far you can or can’t go? The person who usually puts up the limits is you – either directly or by believing what others tell you you aren’t ready or able to do.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be realistic and expand your skills, experience, and more to grow into your goals. What I would say is test your limits incrementally, while mitigating your risks. Then you can move ahead – and who knows, your “limits” may be farther away than you think.

Enjoy the day,

Don’t Brake for Obstacles!

I will admit that I am REALLY big on the front end of new ideas and projects. I am ecstatic to brainstorm. Woohoo.

However, as I implement an idea, I get less interested and more easily discouraged when, even tiny, obstacles impede my progress. Yet when I hit those speed bumps, that is exactly the time that I make the most progress if I keep going.

So, if you have an idea and plan, don’t let challenges stop you. Use those obstacles as fuel for your achievement.


Shine On For Success!

When I was a child, I remember someone close to me suggested that I “tone it down” so I didn’t make a relative feel bad about his own life. I was also advised that I should “pretend” that good things in my life just didn’t exist. I will admit I was confused, discouraged, and felt invalidated – and I carried these feelings for years after that.

What I have come to learn is that no matter how much you diminish your own talents, achievements, and successes – it cannot make anyone feel better (beyond the moment) and you will feel worse.

While I don’t believe that bragging is a good thing, it is incredibly encouraging to hear the story of someone with a dream, how the person transformed challenged into fuel to achieve the goal, and how he or she won in the end – over fear, inner doubts, and negativity.

Share your story – early and often.


The Fuel in Challenge

It’s an interesting thing about challenge. It can be the source of tremendous angst or the inspiration to help you achieve your big dreams.

So what creates the difference? A wise friend once told me the variation is not in the circumstances, but in the perspective you bring to it.

Consider this. Do you see the potential negative consequences of things not going the way you hoped and planned? Or, are you even a little intrigued, excited, and hopeful.  In the first situation you will be crushed by situation. In the second, you will crush the circumstances and win.

The choice is in your hands.

Enjoy your day,