The Power of the Prize

I find it fascinating how many people set really big goals and “forget” the focus, determination, and work needed to win the prize. Some experts will even sell you the idea that anyone can do achieve the people with minimal effort.

Nothing is achieved without committed, consistent, and determined practice – and this is actually a good thing. “WHAT?” you may wonder. “Isn’t it good to get awesome stuff now without tons of action?”

I would say “No!” You, me, and the rest of the world needs trials, efforts, and resets to help us grow, advance, and be prepared for the successes that follow. Without the challenges, pivots, and enhanced courage, commitment, and confidence, each of us will likely end up bored, disenchanted, and disengaged.

I want you to be happy, contributing, and exciting about making a positive difference in your life and those around you. That’s the Power of the Prize. Go for it!

Enjoy your day,


How Are You “Asking” to Be Treated?

Your behavior often “dictates” how individuals around you treat you.

Ask yourself: do you approach others from a sense of confidence or doubt?

If it is the latter, find ways to boost your sense of self worth and you may just see that others “upgraded” you with greater respect, trust, and positive acknowledgement.

Have a great day,

Sharpen Your Goal

Last week, I was teaching a class to new MBA students (by the way, an amazing group of people). One of the things we discussed, was how to craft a powerful goal.

While you likely know all about making it concrete, specific, and measurable, that isn’t quite enough. What is absolutely crucial is that your goal is understandable to others – not that you hope it is, but that it actually is. When you do, others can help you accomplish your goal – faster, better, and with greater success.

Enjoy your day,

The Power of Keeping Commitments

It’s so interesting about what can move your life ahead. One of the powerful things is also the simplest (although not easy). It is keeping your commitments.

This means doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you will do it. It requires many things, but two big ones come to mind:

  • Say “yes” to things you will actually do and “no” to things you might want to or feel pressured to do and will NEVER do.
  • Take doable and progressive action to keep your promise – and if something looks like it will prevent you from keeping your commitment, let the other person know as soon as you can.

When you keep your commitments, you establish greater consistency, credibility, and trust – which do a whole host of positive things for you, your relationships, and life as a whole.

Enjoy your day,

How to Remain Undefeated

It’s always exciting when our favorite team is undefeated. Yet, to me, the more important consideration is how you, me, and each person on earth can remain undefeated in this lifetime?

Some people believe that never having a defeat is impossible. I would disagree. Pause and remember what “undefeated” actually means. It is not that you never have a setback, obstacle, or even a failure. It really means not quitting, giving up, or giving in to doubt, fear, or discouragement.

Defeat begins in your mind and so does winning. You get to choose.

Have a great day,

Super Success Strategies

Over the years, I have read my fair share of books, articles, and more on how to succeed – with each expert talking about how “perfect” his or her approach is. Yet, whenever I didn’t achieve my goals and dreams employing a particular strategy, I viewed this as a failing on my part. Not an encouraging way to view the world.

Then, several years ago, I decided that the criteria for a super success strategy for me was: did it work for me? Was I inspired by the outcomes? Could I keep it up?

While I took responsibility for my actions and the outcomes, I decided that no one approach was right for everyone. If something didn’t work for me, it wasn’t my failure or weakness. Instead, I customized the approach  with much greater positive results.

Have a great day,

Have an Undefeated Heart

I was thinking about the difference between people who succeed and those who do not.

While there are many factors, I believe one of the biggest is whether or not you give up.

I have seen people who have everything going for them and when one thing doesn’t go their way, they quit. On the other hand, I meet individuals who face obstacle after obstacle – and have every “reason” to give up and don’t. Instead, they create victory in the end. Success starts and ends in their heart.

Make YOUR heart undefeatable.

Have a great day,


Do You Mean It?

When you say you are going do something, do you mean it?

What you say “thank you”, do you mean it?

What you say “yes” to a request, do you mean it?

It’s really good to know these things. When you do something half in and half out, the outcome will be less than what you want.

So whatever you say, do, or even think – if you truly mean it, your life will open up to greater happiness, opportunity, and success.


Hitting the Reset Button

I was having lunch with a close friend recently and we were both talking about wanting a boost of learning, innovation, and contribution in our lives. While we are each very different, one thing is clear – the shift must start from within. With even a tiny bit of inner transformation, your world can change for the better. Yet even a HUGE bunch of wishing other people and the environment will change to your liking, it just won’t happen.

So, if you want to create a positive shift in your life, look inside and see what teeny tiny thing can be changed as a next step. That will be a wonderful start.

Enjoy your day,

Success Stretchers

It’s very interesting about the most powerful success stretchers. Much of the time, they are human beings. These people are often not the ones who cheer us on, think we are brilliant, and make us feel totally valued. While it’s essential and wonderful to have these kind of people in our lives, they can only take us so far.

The success stretchers I’m talking about are the individuals who often annoying, challenge everything we say, and share their negativity early, often, and without even being asked. I recently met with someone who meets all of the criteria. Wow – what a workout! Yet, I welcome the opportunity to work with this person as he makes me focus, be present with him (at all times), and forces me to bring my best self to every meeting we have.

I would go so far as to say “THANK YOU!!!” to this individual. I am better at what I do today because of him.

Have a great day,