Encouragement is Crucial

There are things that we can survive without, yet I believe that encouragement isn’t one of them. Encouragement could be the only thing standing between a person driving forward and giving up.

Be the person who is a source of encouragement for others and the impact of your efforts could go way farther than you might ever imagine.

Just do it today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Are You High Value?

What does it mean to be high value?

Here is one example that might be helpful: I was talking to someone who appears to have opportunities just fall in her lap – and I wanted to know how she does it.

What became really obvious very quickly is that she did the opposite of what many people do. Instead of  jumping in to be the center of attention, my friend spends most of her time finding the value in others and authentically praising them.

What a concept!

Have a great day,

A Lifeline Halfway Around the World

Last week I met someone (now a new friend) who displayed more compassion than I have seen in a very long time. An acquaintance of hers fell ill thousands of miles away from home where he didn’t speak the language. My new friend mobilized a whole group of people – from her friends and family to individuals from Chicago Booth – to help her acquaintance.

The good news is that her acquaintance will be okay, but I believe not without the help of my new friend. One person taking a series of babysteps made a big difference.

Way to go, friend!

Have a great day,

Success From Your Power

Would you like to accelerate your growth, advancement, and success? Of course you would!

The key question is how. The answer is quite simple: look at what’s at the center of your life. This could be anything from something spiritual to money to the love of your life. Is what’s at your center inspiring and encouraging you or leading you to endless negativity? If it’s the latter, consider a shift at your core. Start with something small and build from there.


The Powerful Middle

If you are anything like me, you have lots of energy when you start something and celebrate when you complete your goal. Who wouldn’t?

Yet I can tell you first hand and watching my friends, colleagues, and people whom I coach that the big gains, advancement, and enduring benefits happen in the middle of pursuing a goal. The tricky part is that what makes the middle so powerful is that it’s often filled with challenges, obstacles, and doubt that we can transform if we stay with it.

So to really be able to leverage the powerful middle, it’s crucial to have “why” the goal is important to you in a place you can see it every day, track all of your progress for the evidence of how effective you are, and have a team you to help cheer you on.

Enjoy your day,