Judging Success

It’s a funny thing about another person’s success when you look at it at a specific point in time. You could easily gain a distorted view. Wherever you enter the picture, you could miss where the person started, the challenges he faced, and the courage he used to transform them.

In other words, you might judge instead of celebrating. The former could destroy a relationship before it starts and latter could be the beginning of a life-long friendship.

Have a great day,

Do You Prefer Success or Defeat?

On the surface, this could seem like a silly question. Who wouldn’t prefer success? Yet there are people (myself included at times) who create an environment that doesn’t support victories in one or more areas of life. This can include:

  • Not setting concrete goals or having actions accessible, doable, and repeatable – given the reality of your life.
  • Having the people closest to us bringing out your weakness rather than your strengths.

So, first decide if you want to succeed and if you do, dig down to know why.

From there, set supportive goals, create actions under your control, and develop relationships that benefit you and the other person.

Have a great day,

The Encouragement Multiplier

I believe that each of us needs encouragement and I am at the front of the line. For me, I find it in books, podcasts, and, most importantly, people. Yet I learned several years ago that (for me) encouragement is most powerful if I give it first – sincerely, specifically, and often. When I do, I am instantly encouraged. What a wonderful virtuous circle!

Enjoy your day,

What’s Your PIQ?

In my work, I talk to students and alumni at Chicago Booth about the impact of their work. Yet, I rarely think of my PIQ or Positive Impact Quotient. PIQ is the sum of all of the value you create for others and yourself minus the negative impact you may have if you discourage, dismiss, or disparage others.

So as you go through your day, pause for a moment and think of the impact and implications of your next word or action. Will it make your PIQ go down or up? Than action accordingly.

Have a great day,

Encouragement is Crucial

There are things that we can survive without, yet I believe that encouragement isn’t one of them. Encouragement could be the only thing standing between a person driving forward and giving up.

Be the person who is a source of encouragement for others and the impact of your efforts could go way farther than you might ever imagine.

Just do it today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Are You High Value?

What does it mean to be high value?

Here is one example that might be helpful: I was talking to someone who appears to have opportunities just fall in her lap – and I wanted to know how she does it.

What became really obvious very quickly is that she did the opposite of what many people do. Instead of  jumping in to be the center of attention, my friend spends most of her time finding the value in others and authentically praising them.

What a concept!

Have a great day,