The Enthusiasm / Success Quotient

Several years ago, I was chatting with a woman I really respect. She had been in her field for a long time and yet her level of enthusiasm was just like she had started yesterday. I was curious how she maintained a high level of enthusiasm, why she kept learning, and how her commitment to her field was higher than when I first met her years before.

Her answer was simple. “Anita,” she told me. “I know that I need to be all in or I would cheating myself and the people with whom I work – and I use my curiosity as my foundation. With that, I am learning new things and am able to help others.”

To my friend, success was about caring about others and her work, finding things to expand her capacity, insights, and value to others, and to make what could seem old hat and boring come alive day after day. I learned a lot from my friend on that day which I use to even now.

Thanks, Barb.



Accelerate Your Advancement

I was chatting with my friend, Kevin, earlier in the month. Although, he was super, super busy – he was not achieving his goals. He told me that if he worked any harder or faster, he was going to break. When I suggested that he slow down, pause, and take a day off, he looked at me like I was crazy. “Experiment with a 24 hour sabbatical,” I said. He did and while it was really uncomfortable for him, Kevin jumpstarted his energy, focus, and enthusiasm. Who knows what could happen if he takes off a whole week!

Enjoy your day,

Could There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Yesterday, I was interviewing Craig, an expert on business stories, for CareerCast, the global podcast series I produce and host at Chicago Booth. We were chatting about how to tell a compelling career story and I asked the “dreaded” what’s your greatest weakness question. Craig went on to share his own “weakness” as being too enthusiastic and upbeat.

How could this possibly be a weakness? Before I could even say those words out loud, Craig had an answer. The problem with thinking everything is great is that it’s really hard to understand where the priorities are and what’s most important. I never thought about it this way – perhaps because I share Craig’s weakness.

So while I am not going to dampen my enthusiasm, optimism, and thinking that lots of people and things are great – I will pause to prioritize. After all, there is great, greater, and greatest.

Have an awesome Tuesday,

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