Do You Choose Failure or Success?

Choosing failure or success? Does this seem like a  ridiculous question to even ask?

Yet some people defeat themselves in their hearts and minds first. What I can tell you, with considerable certainty, is that those around you will follow your lead and “help you fail”.

So, if you are pursuing a goal or dream, mobilize your skills, talents, and experiences – with lots of “evidence” of your capabilities. Pull out your list whenever you need a boost to strengthen your determination, conviction, and resolve.



A Most Important Factor for Success

I will totally admit that there was times when I want to be right and I know that I am not alone. It is so easy to feel self-righteous when you have an opinion that you believe is absolutely correct – and not let it go, even if that means failing to achieve what you want. At those times, logic can fly out the window and be replaced with dogged stubbornness.

So at those times, instead of gripping even more tightly, pause and ask yourself: do I want to be happy and successful or be right? While it’s not always an either/or situation, when it is – you get to choose. When I take a step back, I  see clearly that being right is a potential derailer and instead (albeit slowly at times) I pivot toward greater success.


THE Success Derailer

I was reading something this morning about how complaining stops our growth, happiness, and success. I started to laugh because at the time I read this guidance, I was complaining in my head.

Needless to say, I paused and thought about complaining as a source of derailment. Of course it makes sense. When we complain we:

  • limit our capacity to think differently and fail to find solid and innovative solutions
  • drain our energy, enthusiasm, and (dare I say) joy
  • alienate the people around us who could help us, but who wants to assist a complainer
  • shift the responsibility and power to the person, situation, or organization about which we are complaining

Yikes. That list sounds like a recipe for failure and who wants that. Not me.

If this isn’t enough to scare you to go complaint free, proceed at your own risk.

Have a good day,

What’s the Difference Between Success and the “F” Word?

The difference between success and the “F” word can be teeny weenie. The “F” word I am referring to is failure. Failure is not missing the mark, falling short of realizing a goal, or having a relationship break up. It is giving up. So if success is currently elusive, please don’t let frustration, disappointment, or negative influences get the better of you. Regroup, find people who believe in you, and leverage all that you do have. Then the “F” word will be a thing of the past.

Have a great weekend,

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The Tales You Tell Lead You to Failure or Success

 What stories do you tell yourself? Do they instill courage, confidence, and optimism? Or do they create doubt, fear, and emotional turmoil? The stories we tell ourselves do influence our motivation, ability to take action, and sense of well-being – regardless of whether they are based on fact or pure fiction. 

So what type of tale will you tell yourself today that will inspire you to live your life in ways that you will feel proud of?