Your Living Mission

It has been said: “Everyone has a unique mission.” While I believe this in the depths of my life, understanding my specific mission is another story.

On one particularly frustrating day I quizzed a wise friend about my mission “confusion”. “Anita,” Jay told me, “your mission is not confined to one place or activity. Start with a dream.  Add your strengths. Apply them at home and at work. You will experience your mission.”

“Okay,” I replied not really believing Jay. Yet I still gave it a shot – and Jay was right. My home, work, and community are great places to live my mission. You can, too.

Take one action toward your dream today and observe how your mission can unfold.



Are You Intimidated by Your Goals?

It was once said, “The ocean is made of drops.” So are your dreams.

If there is something that you really desire but are intimidated by, all that stands between you and your dream.

Realize that you control the pace. You can take lots of steps or just a few at a time. It’s all up to you. Either way, you will make progress as long as you exert yourself each and every day.

Enjoy your progress today,

The Responsibility Paradox

Are you the proverbial Boy Scout or Girl Scout believing that “everything” in your life is your responsibility?

While it’s essential to take responsibility for what is yours, taking on more than your share is not very healthy. It can also lead to overload and rebellion from accountability of all kinds.

So relax, stay flexible, and practice letting go of the things that are not your responsibility. You life will be lighter, more joyful, and happier.

Have a great day,

Better Decisions with Ease

Want to make better decisions no matter what the context?

Make them from a sense of peace. If you make big and “scary” decisions from fear, the outcomes will also be packed with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.

So they next time you have a big or small decision to make, take steps to make yourself comfortable and filled with peace. Some people meditate or take warm baths, while others gather lots of information. Do what works for you. Then the peace you find in the decision making process will be carried into whatever you choose to do.

Have a great day,

Wiser Than Info


Have you been on the web lately looking for information? You probably found more than you could even begin to digest with all of the content aggregators, virtual libraries, and a whole myriad of listservs more than happy to fill up your e-mail box with lots of info-stuff.

Yet knowledge is incomplete without the wisdom to know how to apply it. Wisdom comes through learning from your five senses and most importantly through faith and the determination to create positive value wherever you are.

How will you become wiser today?

Enjoy your day,

What Matters to You

Do you know what really matters to you? Do you live your life based on those “ideals”?

Some people need a trauma or loss to gain clarity and focus on what’s really important to them. You don’t have to wait for such an event.

Sit down for 15 minutes today – at lunch, on the bus, or any time that’s convenient. Write down the top 10 most important people and projects in your life. Then make another list – include in that list the 10 people and projects consuming your time. Are the lists in sync? If not, realign you time to focus on what really matters to you.

Have a great day,

Where Change is Possible

The present is the place where change is possible. But it’s tempting to peek to the future or look over your shoulder to review the past. Yet to do so, could likely make you less effective overall and dissatisfied with whatever you are doing right now no matter how terrific it is.

So practice staying in the present for at least 5 minutes each day. The potential rewards are enormous, so stay here long enough to receive them.

Have a great weekend,

Which Direction?

Are you achieving the goals that are important to you? If yes, congrats! Yet if you are not living your goals and dreams, pause for a moment and ask yourself “why?”

While there may be many “reasons”, one common one is having goals and dreams that are in conflict with one another.

So look at your goals and dreams, are any two sending you in opposite directions? If so, consider modifying the ones that create the conflict. Then you can proceed with focus, single-minded determination, and a sense of fun.

Have a great day,

Focus, Happiness, and Success

Ever forget something and then kick yourself? While self-flagellation is counterproductive, paying attention to things vital to you is essential for a happy and satisfying life.

So the next time you become preoccupied with slow traffic, full e-mail boxes, and other little distractions of life, stop for 60 seconds.

Ask yourself what’s really most important to you. Then make time to enjoy whatever you discover.

Thank you,

Your Achilles’ Heel Is Showing

Ever find a personal flaw tripping you up when you least expect it? It might be in something you fail to do, the way you react to another person, or just feeling stuck.

These weaknesses usually show up at the most inopportune times – when you are advancing toward a goal or dream.

Please keep going and remember you are not broken. You are just in training. So how can you strengthen you inner “muscles” today? Then your Achilles’ heel won’t trip you up again.