Silence is Platinum

Really capable people who truly believe in themselves rarely boast about their achievements, although they definitely do not hide their greatness under a rock.

Whether you share your accomplishments is certainly a matter of choice, but before you do check your motivation. If it comes out of a desire to encourage others, then consider sharing your success. You will likely receive a positive response.

However, if you feel you must share your achievements to feel good, you are telling others that you are unsure of yourself. Best of all, show others what you can do while you are doing it. You will likely gain their respect and inspire them to achieve their own success.

Have a great day,


The Encouragement Multiplier

I’ll share a little secret with you: I really need encouragement – in challenging times and even when life is running smoothly. Maybe it’s human nature.

For me, I know that the best way to feel encouraged is to share encouragement with another person. It boosts all of those wonderful brain chemicals that make us feel empowered and connected. Even more, encouragement can be another person’s lifeline – and when you encourage one person, you start a positive ripple or virtuous circle.

What could be better than that. You boost another person, he passes it on, and you are elevated in the process.

Have a great day and encourage someone!


Your Focus Determines Your Future

We each spend our days focusing on one thing or another. The big question is: On what are you focusing? The answer to that question will largely determine your future.

The best answers are filled with things that increase your courage, confidence, and capacity. So, if this is not your answer today, I strongly encourage you to shift toward the positive and empowering. Take one step today – no matter how small it is.


The Power of the Prize

I find it fascinating how many people set really big goals and “forget” the focus, determination, and work needed to win the prize. Some experts will even sell you the idea that anyone can do achieve the people with minimal effort.

Nothing is achieved without committed, consistent, and determined practice – and this is actually a good thing. “WHAT?” you may wonder. “Isn’t it good to get awesome stuff now without tons of action?”

I would say “No!” You, me, and the rest of the world needs trials, efforts, and resets to help us grow, advance, and be prepared for the successes that follow. Without the challenges, pivots, and enhanced courage, commitment, and confidence, each of us will likely end up bored, disenchanted, and disengaged.

I want you to be happy, contributing, and exciting about making a positive difference in your life and those around you. That’s the Power of the Prize. Go for it!

Enjoy your day,

Sharpen Your Goal

Last week, I was teaching a class to new MBA students (by the way, an amazing group of people). One of the things we discussed, was how to craft a powerful goal.

While you likely know all about making it concrete, specific, and measurable, that isn’t quite enough. What is absolutely crucial is that your goal is understandable to others – not that you hope it is, but that it actually is. When you do, others can help you accomplish your goal – faster, better, and with greater success.

Enjoy your day,

The Power of Keeping Commitments

It’s so interesting about what can move your life ahead. One of the powerful things is also the simplest (although not easy). It is keeping your commitments.

This means doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you will do it. It requires many things, but two big ones come to mind:

  • Say “yes” to things you will actually do and “no” to things you might want to or feel pressured to do and will NEVER do.
  • Take doable and progressive action to keep your promise – and if something looks like it will prevent you from keeping your commitment, let the other person know as soon as you can.

When you keep your commitments, you establish greater consistency, credibility, and trust – which do a whole host of positive things for you, your relationships, and life as a whole.

Enjoy your day,

Winning the BIG Game

Most people want their big shot and yet they often don’t do what actually needs to be done to succeed. At a basic level, you will want to do the following:

  • Create a goal – what do you want to do?
  • Know your why – in what ways is this goal important to you?
  • Write down your action – what step can you take that you have complete control over and how much time will you devote to this?
  • Track your progress – how far have you come and what’s next?
  • Express gratitude – who has helped you and how can you thank them?

When you do these things, you considerably up your chances of winning “the big game” – whatever that is for you. What will do today – for even a few minutes to get started?

Have a great day,

What Does Your Work Say About You?

Whether you work inside the home, outside the home, or both, what you do is a reflection of who you are at your core.

So what kind of statement does your work say about you? Commitment? Care? Creativity?

You will want to know so you can keep doing what you are doing the way you are doing it – or make changes – big or small.

Have a great day,

Too Busy for Success

I was meeting with a super bright friend the other day. While holding down a full-time job and being a good dad, he has four other side projects going on. Yet he was really frustrated because nothing was completed. Everything was is a state of “almost done, but not quite”.

What he realized (which actually wasn’t a huge to surprise to either of us) is that he has too much noise, too many competing distractions to really succeed at anything.

His next step is to trim his list of four down to no more than two. A great start – which if he sticks to it, will increase his chances for success.


To Achieve Your Goals Faster

What does it take to achieve a goal? Well, lots of things – from making the goal clear and concrete to actually taking a bunch of progressive babysteps?

So why doesn’t everyone take the steps to zoom through their goals? For me, personally, I stall out when I lack encouragement. Think of encouragement as someone or something that inspires courage (this is actually what the word means). I, and many others, just need a bit of a boost on the courage side and the action, momentum, and results are easier to create.

So if you need a little encouragement, find it. An even better idea: give encouragement to another person. Then you both get the boost.

Enjoy your day,