What’s Your PIQ?

In my work, I talk to students and alumni at Chicago Booth about the impact of their work. Yet, I rarely think of my PIQ or Positive Impact Quotient. PIQ is the sum of all of the value you create for others and yourself minus the negative impact you may have if you discourage, dismiss, or disparage others.

So as you go through your day, pause for a moment and think of the impact and implications of your next word or action. Will it make your PIQ go down or up? Than action accordingly.

Have a great day,


Are You Ready For Your Big Break?

I find so many people are looking for their big break – their time in the winner’s circle. This focus can actually create insecurity with a focus on an uncertain future while disregarding both the past and the present (that can provide a solid foundation of strengths and confidence).

So I suggest approaching the search for your big break a different way:

  1. Realize you can have multiple times in the winner’s circle if you understand what success and happiness mean to you.
  2. Acknowledge and feel gratitude for all of the things you have now and from the past. COUNT EVERYTHING.
  3. Reach out to the people who have helped you and say “thank you”. Your success and happiness will grow when you have active supporters who trust and value.

Enjoy the ride and celebrate along the way.


Jump In and Help

I was recently in a situation where I knew a friend needed help with something, yet I had had a really long week and wanted to go home. I actually thought heading out, climbing on the bus number one, and getting on bus number 2 without a pause. Yet, I just couldn’t. It wasn’t out of guilt or a “should”, but out an inner commitment to assist someone who clearly needed my help.

“So was it worth it?” you may ask. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. I bet that I actually gained more than my friend. I think it works that way a lot of time.

So if you need a boost – lend someone else a hand.

Have a great day,


Encouragement is Crucial

There are things that we can survive without, yet I believe that encouragement isn’t one of them. Encouragement could be the only thing standing between a person driving forward and giving up.

Be the person who is a source of encouragement for others and the impact of your efforts could go way farther than you might ever imagine.

Just do it today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Your Success Threshold

Many people don’t get the traction they want on their goals. Why is that, you may wonder? I believe that they take on too much and don’t have the willpower to go the distance.

So what is the solution? Know why you have chosen the goal and what action could you take that is super easy – absolutely doable! Then you will build momentum and success become a habit.


You Are Better Than You Know

Each of us has an opinion of ourselves. For some it’s inflated, yet most actually discount their talents, skills, and abilities.

While I don’t recommend that you pretend to be more that you are, just be accurate. Being accurate requires that you fully share the precious value that you are. We then all benefit.

Have a great day,

Don’t Ruin Your Day

Getting to work yesterday was an “adventure”. While we have had a mild winter (so glad), yesterday was a series of mini blizzards. Whiteout conditions. My trip took nearly 2 hours versus the usually 35-40 minutes. We were bumper to bumper almost the entire trip.

On top of this, I had a few technical issue with my laptop.

As I started to get frustrated with by my discombobulated day. I paused and refused to let myself ruin my day. So I made a list of the good stuff:

  • A wonderfully supportive team at work
  • Excellent CTA drivers
  • I finally got to wear my heavy duty snow boots
  • And many more things too numerous to write in this short post

Needless to say, I ended up having a really good day and shifting my perspective was key in making that possible.

Enjoy your day,