Hiding Treasures? Don’t Do It!

Do you have an idea, concept, product, or service that has been floating around in your head, journal, or device and yet you haven’t taken the next step to actually share it with the world?

What if your idea could make even one person’s life better? What if a group of people is just waiting for your product or service to be available?

So today, choose one thing you’ve been working on or have been thinking about working on and take the next step. Share your idea with one other person in the next 24 hours. By the way, it doesn’t have to be perfect and neither do you.



Best Buddies

Who brings out the best in you?

Many people might call themselves your friend, but which really are? The ones who prefer to see you stay the same and not advance are not really friends. Your true friends are inspired, not threatened by your talents, achievements, and signs of greatness. They encourage you to go after your dreams and cheer you on when you succeed. Thank them by encouraging them to do the same.

Enjoy your day,

Invite Help

Some people believe that if they don’t “discover” the solution all on their own, they are diminished and have failed. Not only is this attitude self-defeating, it’s actually arrogant. By not allowing others to help you, you cheat them of the good feelings they would receive from making a contribution.

So who would enjoy helping you today? Make the most of their assistance. And of course, show your appreciation with a kind word, hug, or even thank you gift. Choose whatever is appropriate for the situation and the relationship.

Have a great day,

Don’t Save It – Pass It On

I was visiting some new friends late last year and in the midst of a wonderful brunch, we began to talk about gratitude – a topic near and dear to my heart. The next thing I knew, one of the people rushed into the back of her house and brought me the book, The Gratitude Diaries. I thanked her for letting me see it and handed it back to her.

“Anita, you keep it and pass it on when you are done,” she said. I thanked her and really enjoyed the book and looked for someone else who could benefit from reading it. The opportunity came last week when I was working with a student who I thought would enjoy The Gratitude Diaries.

I gave it to her and told her when she was done reading it to pass it on to someone else.

While my tendency is to save ideas, books, and lots more, passing something on that I enjoyed felt awesome.

Jen, thanks for the idea and the book!

Have a great day,

Valued, Respected, and Supported

I was working with someone yesterday and as I listened to him, it is clear that he is someone just about anyone would want to hire, work with, and help succeed. So why is this man valued, respected, and supported by the people on his team, his peers, and senior leadership?

For me, the answer is pretty obvious. This person:

Has high integrity;
Treats people with a deep sense of appreciation; and
Exceeds expectations with his performance, resourcefulness, and consistency.

What a powerful person – and with a quite presence that commands attention!

Way to go.


The Encouragement Multiplier

I’ll share a little secret with you: I really need encouragement – in challenging times and even when life is running smoothly. Maybe it’s human nature.

For me, I know that the best way to feel encouraged is to share encouragement with another person. It boosts all of those wonderful brain chemicals that make us feel empowered and connected. Even more, encouragement can be another person’s lifeline – and when you encourage one person, you start a positive ripple or virtuous circle.

What could be better than that. You boost another person, he passes it on, and you are elevated in the process.

Have a great day and encourage someone!


The Generosity Bonus

Generosity is a wonderful thing. You can do it anywhere and anytime, using lots of money or none at all. The key is what is in your heart – giving without expecting anything in return. When you do, things you never thought possible can show up when you least expect them – and that’s half the fun, right?

So be generous – early and often. In the process, you will expand your opportunities, capacity, and many, many, other terrific things.

Have a great day,

Momentum Magic

For some people taking small, consistent actions is a painfully slow way to reach a goal.

Yet this isn’t necessarily accurate. More important than the size of your step is whether you can actually complete it – again and again and again. If not, a big number times zero is still zero.

On the other hand, momentum is invaluable because as you develop a positive habit, you accelerate your progress, capabilities, and success.

Enjoy your day,

Don’t Be Left Out

When I was in school, I used to think that I was the only one not out on the weekend. Everyone in my dorm (or so I thought) was out having fun while I wasn’t.

Rather than sit back and be stuck inside, I decided to plan my own activities and I invited friends and people I wanted to have as friends. While not everyone said “yes” to my invitations, enough people did that we had fun and enjoyable times.

Then, someone I had known for a long time, asked me a totally unexpected question.”Anita,” she said. “How come you always have these great things to do on the weekend?” I paused and replied, “Since I wasn’t invited to the big deal activities I wanted to attend, I decided to create my own. You are welcome to join us whenever you want.”

My lesson:

I took myself out of the game since I didn’t express an interest. I just waited for something to make the first move – which didn’t happen, Then I decided to take the initiative to include others, not wait for them to include me.

Have a great day,

How Are You “Asking” to Be Treated?

Your behavior often “dictates” how individuals around you treat you.

Ask yourself: do you approach others from a sense of confidence or doubt?

If it is the latter, find ways to boost your sense of self worth and you may just see that others “upgraded” you with greater respect, trust, and positive acknowledgement.

Have a great day,