To Grow Your Success . . .

It seems like a ton of people have the “one” answer on how to achieve greater success. Actually, each year experts deliver the next perfect model to do so. Do what does this tell us?

  • There is no one answer.
  • Learn what you can and then craft your own “best of” that you can implement consistently.
  • Teach what you learn to others – an excellent way to solidify what you know.

Oh yes – the biggest thing of all is to let go of a “right way” to succeed – then you will grow your success AND happiness.

Have a great day,

Tell Your Power Story

What story do you tell about yourself, your career, and life? It is either one of advancement, victory, and growth or one that ends in loss, discouragement, and defeat. Two stories, yet often one set of circumstances. How others perceive your story depends on what you focus and whether you are the victor or victim.

Have a good day,

Focus on the Right Things to Win

Earlier in my career, I hit a rough patch and I was determined to fix it immediately. My mentor gave me some sage. He suggested that instead of putting all of my attention on the setback, I would be better off taking a little bit of time to understand what went wrong and then refocusing the majority of my attention on what I wanted to create for my future. Doing this gave me a goal and the courage and motivation to go after it and win.

Something to think about.


Unhelpful or Helpful?

I have this tendency – to allow myself to be swayed by people and situations that could be perceived as negative. The operative phrase here is “could be perceived as negative”. Not actually negative, but my attitude makes me feel that it’s a foregone conclusion.

So, I am taking a different approach these days. Instead of embracing the potentially negative side of a person or situation, I am asking myself if my perspective  is helpful or unhelpful. If my take is encouraging me to take value-creating action, then I keep it. If not, then I choose to shift.

Have a great day,

The Distraction of Setbacks

Working on a goal can be very motivating as long as things are going your way. Yet, invariably there will be setbacks (bigger and smaller). The key is to not let them distract or even derail you. Your focus and remembering why the goal is important are key -and to be always looking for the lessons that will help you grow your courage, capacity, and successes.

Have a great day,

Who’s Got Your Back?

You have a clear goal, are prepared to take essential actions for success, and are ready to track your success. With all of this effort, are you making the progress that you desire? If not, consider asking for help.

Separate the things that you need to do into two categories – things you are good at and areas where you are not skilled. Look at the second group and see who has the talents to help you and would welcome the opportunity. Ask them and of course, remember to show how much you appreciate what they are doing for you.

Have a great day,