Life’s a Game – Or Is It?

Some people firmly believe that life is a game and each of us is meant to play it full out. This approach can be exhilarating, yet it can also be devastating when life’s game isn’t scoring in your favor. Consider looking it as a gift, one that you get to “unwrap” a little each day and discover the goodies inside. While you might not appreciate the value of each experience at first glance, seek to find the best “present”. How can you do this today?



Are You the Next Lego?

Do you ever get discouraged and consider giving up on something that you desire? Virtually every successful person has considered quitting at one point or another.

There’s a whole army of people, “the faultfinders,” who would love to see you give up. They may attempt to convince you that your goals aren’t worth the effort. They may push you to quit.

Your best defense is a clear understanding of why your goals and dreams are important to you. So if one of “the faultfinders” comes to your door, you’ll be prepared. Tell them to go away. As you close the door, let them know that Disney and Lego were considered foolish ventures doomed to failure.

Have a great day,

The Power of Thanks

“Thanks” is one of the most powerful words in the universe. For a study on the power of gratitude, 75% of a group of “at risk” young men in Boston went from angry and violent to individuals with a sense of purpose who began to create positive value with their lives.

Each day these young men asked themselves three things, “What did I receive today? What did I give back? Who could I thank right now?” Today, ask yourself those questions and see how it makes you feel and act.

Have a great day,


Meet Your Dreams!

I work with many people who are dissatisfied with their jobs and are unhappy about earlier decisions they made.

In our coaching sessions, I usually ask them the following: “Why do you want this job and how will it help you prepare for where you want to be in 10 years?” As they develop the answers to those questions, they are creating a vision of their future.

Instead of being stuck in the past or making a move out of boredom or frustration, their decisions are clear, strategic, and effective. So think about your future. Where do you want to be within the next 10 years – personally and professionally? What will you need to do to prepare? Take one small step today to begin or continue your “training”.

Enjoy your day,

Invite Help

Some people believe that if they don’t “discover” the solution all on their own, they are diminished and have failed. Not only is this attitude self-defeating, it’s actually arrogant. By not allowing others to help you, you cheat them of the good feelings they would receive from making a contribution.

So who would enjoy helping you today? Make the most of their assistance. And of course, show your appreciation with a kind word, hug, or even thank you gift. Choose whatever is appropriate for the situation and the relationship.

Have a great day,

Advanced Gratitude

Gratitude has levels – just like about anything worthwhile doing in life. It’s totally fine to start at the beginner level. In fact, it’s great to do that, so you have a solid foundation from now and into the future.

So here are beginner and advanced levels of gratitude:

Beginner Gratitude: This is the stage where you are able to say “thank you”, see the many resources within your life, and where you may even keep a gratitude journal. This is all good stuff and a wonderful place to start. Even after you get really good at at the beginner gratitude level, keep doing it AND move to the advanced level.

Advanced Gratitude: This is the stage where you can feel appreciation for someone you might not like, may make you angry, and you may even want this person to FAIL. In situations like this, you may have to dig really deep, go beyond the desire to be “right” above all, and find one thing you value about this “no so great” person. When you are able to do this, you grow and a world of opportunities will open up to you. This is the realm of breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.

Just start where you are and whether beginner or advanced, your actions are making the world a more appreciative place.

Thank you,

The Encouragement Multiplier

I’ll share a little secret with you: I really need encouragement – in challenging times and even when life is running smoothly. Maybe it’s human nature.

For me, I know that the best way to feel encouraged is to share encouragement with another person. It boosts all of those wonderful brain chemicals that make us feel empowered and connected. Even more, encouragement can be another person’s lifeline – and when you encourage one person, you start a positive ripple or virtuous circle.

What could be better than that. You boost another person, he passes it on, and you are elevated in the process.

Have a great day and encourage someone!


Acknowledge Someone NOW!

Everyone is SO busy with a myriad of things in their lives – from work to family to school and more. In the midst of this action frenzy, it’s easy to take others for granted.

So, to break this too busy “tradition” – pause and positively acknowledge someone in your life. Perhaps that person needs a little boost and you could be the perfect person to provide it.

Have a great day,

The Generosity Bonus

Generosity is a wonderful thing. You can do it anywhere and anytime, using lots of money or none at all. The key is what is in your heart – giving without expecting anything in return. When you do, things you never thought possible can show up when you least expect them – and that’s half the fun, right?

So be generous – early and often. In the process, you will expand your opportunities, capacity, and many, many, other terrific things.

Have a great day,

The Power of Real Gratitude

There are SO many people who talk about gratitude – journal, cards, and on and on. Yet I get a sense (maybe it’s my slightly cynical side) that many people who express gratitude expect something in return.

The paradoxical thing about gratitude is that the greater the expectation of personal gain, the less likely it will happen.

So next time you express gratitude, give openly, generously, and with no strings attached.

Have a great day,